Yun Jin’s elemental skill, burst, idle animation, and rarity revealed in Genshin Impact 2.4 leaks

Genshin Impact recently announced that Yun Jin is a playable character, and leaks have since started to reveal his gameplay.

Yun Jin, along with Shenhe, is slated to debut in Genshin Impact version 2.4. Yun Jin has been heralded as a playable character for over a year, but she has only just been confirmed as a character in Geo. Now, thanks to recent leaks, players have a better look at Yun Jin’s kit, rarity, and release date.

Yun Jin’s rarity and gameplay in Genshin Impact

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Yun Jin’s rarity

According to the leaks, Yun Jin will be a 4-star character in Genshin Impact.

Leaks suggest that Genshin Impact 2.4’s two new characters, Yun Jin and Shenhe, will appear on the same banner. While Shenhe will be the main character in the banner, Yun Jin will have increased drop rates with the other 4 stars featured.

Yun Jin is expected to arrive on the first banner in 2.4, so Genshin Impact players can assume that its release date will be January 5th.

[2.4 Beta]Banner 1 – [Shenhe 5⭐ with Yun Jin 4⭐]Banner 2 – [Unconfirmed]

With no other new characters announced for version 2.4, the second half of this version may feature replay banners. As of version 2.3 Genshin Impact has started publishing two replay banners at a time. Therefore, players can probably expect the same from the end of 2.4.

Yun Jin’s animations and elemental abilities

Lumie, a popular Genshin Impact leaker, recently shared a video of Yun Jin in the game. In the video below, fans can see all of Yun Jin’s inactive animations, as well as his normal attack, charged attack, and its elementary abilities.

With his elemental skill, Yun Jin makes a large horizontal slash with his pole weapon. By holding this ability, Yun Jin can also form a shield.

Yun Jin’s other elemental ability is a bit flashier. While performing his Elemental Burst, Yun Jin creates four flags that surround the active character. These flags can improve a character’s damage depending on Yun Jin’s defense.

Players who wish to summon Yun Jin will have to wait until early next year, but more information about the character may arrive in the version 2.4 livestream.

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