Xilam Animation secures master-toy partnership with Simba Dickie Group for Oggy Oggy – toynews

Oscar-nominated French animation studio Xilam Animation has signed with Simba Dickie Group as the primary global toy partner for its new preschool property, Oggy Oggy. Scheduled to debut in Fall / Winter 2022, the line will target children ages 3-6 and will include plush toys, figures, playsets and accessories, vehicles, collectibles and sand buckets. The collection will initially be available in France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, before being extended to Poland and Spain for spring 2023, and then to other territories.

Created by Jean Cayrol and Cédric Guarneri from Xilam Animation, Oggy Oggy (156 x 7 ‘) is a CG preschool spin-off from Xilam Oggy and the Cockroaches franchise. The dialogue-free CG animation shows a young Oggy freed from the relentless tyranny of cockroaches and living in a fantasy world inhabited by a vibrant community of cats. The first season debuted globally on Netflix in August 2021 and from September 2022 the series’ presence will continue with launches on a growing range of broadcasters, which currently includes Super RTL (Germany), Discovery ( Italy) and France Télévisions (France).

Capucine Humblot, head of licenses and merchandising at Xilam Animation, says: “The magic of Oggy Oggy The series stems from its playful nature and the playful promise we make to audiences that the heroes they love on screen will look exactly the same as the merchandise they can soon play with. With Simba Dickie Group, we have found the perfect partner to capture the charming world of Oggy Oggy and know that their vast expertise, innovative approach and high quality products will translate into a toy offering that will stimulate the imagination and creativity of young people, while giving fans the chance to recreate their favorite stories at home.

Werner Lenzer, Head of Licensing and Strategic Development at Simba Dickie Group, added: “Oggy Oggy is an exceptional new preschool property that fascinated us from the very first presentation of Xilam. The colorful design, the storytelling full of humor and positivity makes Oggy Oggy so special and we know kids all over the world will love it. The Simba Toys team is eager to develop a line of toys for Oggy Oggy which will bring all the fun of the series to children’s rooms.

Building on the Simba Dickie Group toy line, Xilam brings together a cross-category merchandise offering for Oggy Oggy with an emphasis on games, publishing, giveaways, and clothing, among others.

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