WOYM: Are the antique Virginia license plates a vintage tax dodge? | Story

As for those who sport Montana plates on their Bugattis but have a mailing address 1,000 miles from Bozeman, Doug DeMuro explained how the dodge works in a 2013 blog post on The Truth About Cars site.

First, he cautioned his explanation of the abundance of expensive rides with Montana plates by predicting that his point of view would alienate “the wealthy exotic car owner and the Montana lawyer readership,” but would perhaps gain an audience among the county tax commissioners. “

Montana has no sales tax. DeMuro casually posited that this is an unspoken admission that the state has all the money it needs “which is perhaps why they have been without speed limits for several years: they don’t could not afford the panels “.

Do you remember the Bugatti? Note the publication date because the reporter uses a Veyron model and the Georgia tax code for an example. The manufacturer’s suggested price for a Veyron is a modest $ 1.7 million, taxed at the 7% Georgia rate, which works out to a bill of $ 119,000.

If the car was Montana owned, there would be no sales tax, so the cost to get the car on the road is limited to a few dollars for registration and related fees. In short, big savings compared to what the whole transaction would cost the state less than fishing for tax purposes on the other side of the country.

The question for the out-of-state, tax-loathing luxury car owner is how to put Montana tags on a car that shouldn’t be driven anywhere near where the buffalo roams. DeMuro says it’s easy, so we’ll assume it still is.

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