With Carryminati’s’ The Land Of Big Boss’ animated part creating a buzz, we dive deep into content creators’ new love story with animation.

The integration of the craft of animation into pop culture through live action movies, music videos has followed an upward trajectory during the pandemic. The changing visual language has become sharper as Indian and international stars increasingly resort to this medium.

Recently, internet influencer Ajey Nagar, whose YouTube channel Carryminati, which has more than 30 million subscribers and 2.3 billion cumulative views, posted his signature. Bigg Boss Country. This time around, Nagar’s content that catapulted to the number one position in the trending section in India included a decent amount of animation.

The rather desi, rude and rude commentary style for which Nagar is popularly known has been a hit among the masses and for a content creator like him to use animation has certainly given impetus to the growing trend of animation. .

Before him, the pandemic saw a big budget family animator film like Coolie number 1 use copious amounts of animation in the opening credit scene to add nuance to the storytelling.

In the recent past, the T-series in collaboration with Retrophiles had also come up with an unprecedented dance video. Nachunga Aise using motion capture technology. The video which was shot in a user-friendly manner with the help of virtual production featured Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan.

The pandemic also saw pop star Dua Lipa launch her music video, Hallucinating. The video is a retro-fusion animated journey designed for the single. Inspired by the disco aesthetic of Studio 54 in the 70s and cartoons from several iconic eras, the video is an animated spectacle.

Another YouTube artist Bhuvan Bam whose BB ki Vines enjoys enormous popularity had recently flirted with the medium to improve his musical single, Heer Ranjha.

Heer ranjha, at the time of its publication, had also reached the number one trend, accumulating more than 10 million views. The Delhi-based YouTuber also attributed his penchant for animation to the “ feeling of helplessness and the context of being stuck at home creating Heer-Ranjha“.

In conjunction with DIVINE’s own life, MERA BHAI became another lively musical single released during the pandemic that was an acceptable release featuring the internal struggles one faces on their way to success.

At AnimationXpress, we’re excited to see the rise of animated content embraced by an increasingly mainstream audience. Animation Ahoy!

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