Where to find antique crockery

During the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak campaign, you’ll unlock a location called the Citadel, Malzeno’s house, and other late-game monsters. Shortly after gaining access, you will receive a request from Sue the Seeker, one of the Felynes at Elgado Command Post. She gives you a request titled “A Great Gift for Your Friends” and asks you to find a piece of antique crockery.

Finding antique tableware is a daunting task, as it is both rare and its sources are often hidden. We will explain how to get it in this guide.

How to Get Antique Crockery in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Ancient Crockery is a rare drop from the Majestic Storage Box gathering points scattered around the Citadel. There are plenty in the area. The catch is that most are hidden in dark corners or behind tricky platforming puzzles. However, there are a few that are quite easy to collect consistently.

The Four Best Citadel Majestic Storage Box Gathering Points

  • First: Under the bridge that goes away from the camp by default. It’s on the south side of the creek.

  • Second: In the northeast part of area 4. Climb the ruined buildings until you see a watchtower at the very edge of the map. The storage box is on the platform at the top of the tower.

  • Third: From the watchtower, turn west and Wiredash in the air around the icy cliff. There will be another roof and a set of ruins. The storage box is in the back corner.

  • Fourth and last: In the southeast mountains of area 5. There is a hole going down the mountain near the Spiribird grass. Go down the hole and follow the path in the dirt until you see another opening going down lower. You will see the storage box below you.

Once you have collected the fourth box, the first should have reappeared. If not, go find one of the others. You should get your hands on some antique crockery soon enough.

With the Ancient Crockery in hand, return to Sue in Elgado to receive the Felyne Meownarch and Canyne Knight Rarity 10 armor for your Palico and Palamute, respectively. If you don’t know how to unlock the Palamute Skillbinder, we have a guide for that here. We also cover the best weapons to increase the Master Rank. Check out our whole slew of others Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak guides here on GameSkinny.

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