Unparalleled appeal and evocative power: the timeless aesthetics of wood by Porcelaingres

Again in 2022, drink maintains its strong position as one of the main references on the interior design countryside.
As attractive today as it was centuries ago, its aesthetic stay like attractive and expressive as always, rooted in timeless qualities such as warmth, practicality and strong identity.
A combination of factors that come together to create peaceful, harmonious and welcoming atmospheres in all interior design projects.

In the context of a design landscape that is becoming increasingly sustainable Every day, the industry’s leading materials take a leaf out of the book of tradition, but rewrite it like a new page in the world of furniture and flooring.
Perhaps the best example is high-tech ceramicswhich for years has been the reference material in the wall and floor covering sector thanks to its unrivaled performance – strength, reliability and durability – combined with a incredibly diverse range of aesthetic options.
Indeed, some of the most popular effects available include marble, resin, concrete, natural stone and the countless wood species.

The best known and most sought after varieties are now available in high-tech ceramic catalogs, allowing people to add the personal touch they want to bring to their home environment.
And all this without cutting down a single tree, instead creating a product that is not only extremely easy to clean and maintain, but also almost unalterable as it is non-absorbent.
This specifically makes wood-effect ceramic floors ideal for outdoor use and applications in constant contact with water and humidity, such as bathrooms and spa environments.

Both are characterized by great charm, elegance and versatility, with the aim of upholding the brand’s values ​​of continuity, innovation and sustainability. Sustainability is a key factor in the production of Porcelaingres, a factor which is achieved in part thanks to a highly innovative factory (one of the first of its kind and size in Europe) which “makes it possible to recycle broken parts and waste, to purify and reuse the water used for manufacturing, and to independently produce the energy necessary for production”.

In wood consists of four varieties in burnished or neutral tones (Acacia, Mulberry, Canaletto and Maple) of different sizes, each of which “provides insight into the beautiful, evocative story told between the lines of a tree’s bark”evoking images of both lush hardwood forests and rows of ancient, majestic evergreens.

Inspired entirely by nature, pure wood consists of six shades (Amber, Black, Brown, Grey, Hazelnut and White) which further expand the palette of colors available for these environmentally friendly porcelain surfaces. Available in the classic 120×20 format and in the special 120×20 “module oblique” format, these tiles are only 6 mm thick, which makes them ideal for “an unlimited range of different laying patterns, thus fueling individual creativity and stylistic research”.

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