This spooky AI tool lets you animate your ancestors

There’s good news if you’re wondering what your great-great-grandmother looked like when she frowned, or how much more Victorian photos would be if their subjects had a smile. A new deepfake tool from the MyHeritage ancestry site, aptly called Deep Nostalgia, is here to satisfy your spooky needs.

The tool, which you can play with on the brand’s website, adds moving expressions to photos from a template of pre-recorded facial movements, finding the best for the uploaded photo. The fact that the service is absolutely free provides great marketing for My Heritage, although for all photographic creations you are probably better off using our guide to the best photo editing software.

Deep Nostalgia isn’t just for family photos (try it here). Users have created GIF-like works encompassing legends from history, famous artwork, and absurdly spooky meme-o-sphere faces.

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If you are more afraid of privacy concerns, rest assured that MyHeritage will automatically delete any photos you upload. The maximum you can download with the Deep Nostalgia tool is five, and note that it only works with faces, which means you won’t be able to force Bernie Sanders to floss or whatever.

Either way, this should be more than enough if you are looking to edit photos of you and your current partner where one of you looks happier than the other, or if you want to scramble a few. spooky deepfakes like those terrifying Tom Cruise TikToks.

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