This female entrepreneur polishes old metal objects for a vocation

Chennai, April 25 (IANS): Vineetha Nambiar is a Keralite who has settled in Valasaravakkam, Chennai for the past thirty-five years and runs a unique business – a rare one in its kind – polishing old metal wares to make them shine and turn them into brand new ones.

His company, “Shine O Shine” polishes rare antiques that are painstakingly collected around the world, old containers, souvenirs, mugs, trophies and even ancient utensils and artifacts found in ancestral homes in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and brand new polishes, which could be displayed in windows of homes, shops and even at exhibitions. Some even find their way into the salons of celebrity homes and five-star hotels.

Vineetha started this business in 2005, taking inspiration from her late husband Dinesh Nambiar, who was an interior designer and was approached by his clients to find out if he could polish and beautify old metal wares in their homes and their business establishments. Dinesh who was engaged full time in her interior design work however could not condone the demand of her clients and started it as a good Samaritan company to help her clients but Vineetha had other plans.

The female entrepreneur who had shined and polished several metal items since “Shine O Shine” was up and running, started it as a business that could later be her main source of income. Now Vineetha polishes around 100kg of old metal wares per week which includes rare antiques, utensils and collectibles that several people had painstakingly collected from around the world, as well as some materials like old wares from ancestral homes in Kerala. and Tamil Nadu.

Vineetha, while speaking to IANS, said: “It was kind of a hobby to start with and we were in contact with several people because my husband was in the interior design business and his clients therefore got us. asked if we could polish their old wares. It later turned out to be my only goal of winning and that too in a decent way. “

The female entrepreneur has several famous clients from the Tamil and Malayalam film industry, including South Indian superstar Mohanlal who is also an avid collector of old and rare antiques from around the world. He discovered that “Shine O Shine” is the place from which he could regain the lost luster of his priceless collections which cost crore and are of enormous value on a global scale.

Tamil and Malayalam actor Jayaram and his wife Parvathy, who was once the main heroine of Malayalam films, are other famous clients who use Vineetha’s services to polish all their wares, including silver, brass and d ‘other metallic materials.

Former captain of the Indian cricket team S. Venkatraghavan who was also a former referee who had refereed trial cricket and one day internationals, is another regular customer of “Shine O Shine” and recently polished an old utensil of rare value and kept it at their home.

The late TN, Sheshan, IAS and the former Chief Election Commissioner of India and his wife were other important clients of “Shine O Shine” and Vineetha and she reminded him that he was an honest man as a customer and was particular that the product he had given her was spic and span once she was polished. He had a good collection of brass items at his home in Chennai.

Today, several collectors who buy and resell old and antique materials are regular customers of Vineetha and the shiny and finished products are even shipped overseas.

Vineetha said: “Recently a huge ‘Uruli’ (a traditional kitchen utensil widely used in South India and usually made of clay, copper and bronze) from a house in Kerala was polished by us and later it was sold to a large chain of five star hotels who now display this in their reception at their prestigious property in Mumbai. “

Sixteen years is a long time in a company and Vineetha has her own workshop where she has employees who work according to the ideas and suggestions provided by her and she guarantees that never a day has gone without work for “Shine O Shine “.

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