The Weekend Leader – Kerala Counterfeit antiques affair, arrest of Monson Mavunkal

High Court of Kerala (Photo: IANS)

The Kerala High Court, which has taken a firm stand on the way the police have proceeded in the now-arrested fake antiques dealer Monson Mavunkal case, said on Friday that “this case cannot be taken as a joke”.

Police appear to have suffered most of the court’s displeasure after photos of Mavunkal and the presence of an Anita Pullayil in the company of senior police officials, Vijayan and other prominent figures surfaced.

The court also sought to know “who is Anita Pullayil – a native of Kerala based in Italy, and what was her role”.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED), which has also started investigating the case, told the court it was able to look at the financial aspects and that for other angles a CBI investigation would be the best way to go. best bet.

The court also asked the ED and the police to file detailed statements.

Mavunkal, who has now become a household name due to his fake antique collections and every day that passes after his arrest by the Crime Directorate of his house-museum in the last week of September after victims approached the minister Chief Pinarayi Vijayan, complaining that they were swindled of Rs 10 crore by this “master fraud” who even managed to give a tour of the highest officials of the Kerala police.

Mavunkal sought to impress his distinguished guests by showcasing antiques in his collection which he said included the “Rod of Moses” and “two of the 30 pieces of silver that were taken by Judas to deceive Jesus Christ.”

Police said he presented these “rare” items – a throne believed to have been used by Tipu Sultan, as well as a huge collection of old Qurans, Bibles (Old Testament and New Testament) and old copies. manuscripts of the Bhagavad Gita.

Mavunkal used to bring several personalities to his sumptuous residence, part of which has been transformed into a museum to house his “precious” antiques. – IANS

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