The movie like Ratatouille that animation fans need to see

The creation of the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, which was first awarded in 2001, notably helped animated films get their due and be considered “serious business” in the United States. United. 2003, when, for the first time, an “adult” animated film receives a nomination. This film was “Les triplés de Belleville”.

Directed by French animation virtuoso Sylvain Chomet, “Les Triplés de Belleville” tells the story of Madame Souza, an old Frenchwoman who travels to the city of Belleville in North America to save her cycling grandson, who was kidnapped by mobsters. Once there, she is accompanied by the Triplets de Belleville, a trio of now elderly cabaret singers from the 1930s, and they embark on a series of exuberant urban adventures.

Like “Ratatouille”, “Les Triplets de Belleville” has been acclaimed for its unique gallophile aesthetic – an amalgamation of vintage French and American visual references – and its incredible mastery of the pleasures of animated comedy, displayed via an intimidating combination of frames generated by computer. and those finely drawn. Like “Ratatouille”, in which the protagonist Rémy remains silent for long periods, “Belleville” is committed to expressing itself through animation in a way reminiscent of the masters of silent comedy. Finally, both films are not afraid to lace their comedic styles with a sense of melancholy and fantasy, aided by a musical score that draws on popular French traditions such as musette and gypsy jazz. If you find that “Ratatouille” has a particular “it” factor among Pixar movies, “Belleville” will be down your aisle.

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