The face takes me to the new cloud

Claudia Heaps is the owner / operator of Cloud 9 Aesthetics, in Ferry Road, Clive. Photo / Warren Buckland

Claudia Heaps loves working from home.

The registered nurse, passionate about cosmetic nursing and specializing in anti-wrinkle treatments (botulinum toxin A) and skin fillers, is the owner and operator of the Cloud 9 Aesthetics beauty salon in Clive.

“Do you see that fence over there?” she asked me during my visit.

“On one side there are my children, my husband, my dog, my chickens and my goats and on this side is work.
“I love it.”

Claudia, who is pronounced Cloudia, hence her name (“A lot of people call me Cloud”), has been a cosmetic nurse for 10 years and has been running her own business for four years, three of them at home.

She said that while she was focusing more on injectables, her business was getting so busy with clients who were also looking for skin treatments that she decided to expand.

“I wanted someone who was a great skin therapist and I found that with Aden Cooper. She is an expert when it comes to everything skin related and it was her idea to combine three treatments to provide clients with the very best in collagen sorting facial.

“It is a combination of three treatments to stimulate your collagen and is non-surgical, painless and there is no downtime.”

The three treatments are Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, which is an advanced scientific way to firm and tone loose, sagging, or aging skin; microneedling, which stimulates the deeper layers of your skin; and LED light therapy with serum infusion.

LED therapy uses different wavelengths of light, including red and blue, to stimulate cell activity.

All treatments are personalized to target personal concerns including fine lines / wrinkles, skin quality, loss of volume, scars, acne, etc.

Claudia said that while she believes botox definitely has a place in the beauty industry, people have moved away from the “frozen look”.

“My clients want to look natural. They don’t want overly full lips or cheeks. There is definitely beauty in emotion, so you don’t want your face to be frozen over.

“More and more young people are using injectables as a form of prevention. It’s perfect for your frown lines. This stops those frowns and therefore prevents the deep wrinkles that we tend to develop on our foreheads.

“Older clients are looking for natural, gentle rejuvenation. It gives people confidence and I love to see them flourish. It’s about improving what you have.”

Claudia said it’s important to use good natural products on your skin. She uses several locally made products, including Happy Happy NZ and Adashiko.

“However, the best thing you can do for your skin is protect it from the sun. I’ve never seen sun damage like I’ve done in Hawke’s Bay – it’s the next level.”

The collagen tri-facial treatment only takes 90 minutes and with Aden taking care of you, time flies.

I knew as soon as Aden touched my face that I was going to feast. She cleaned my skin and used hot towels to clean my face. Her touch was soft but firm and it was obvious she knew exactly what she was doing.

The radio frequency skin tightening was warm and charming. Aden worked methodically on one side of my face, then the other. After she finished the first side, she applied a numbing cream for the microneedling so that she wouldn’t waste any time.

Aden Cooper, of Cloud 9 Aesthetics, developed the collagen tri facial treatment.  Photo / Warren Buckland
Aden Cooper, of Cloud 9 Aesthetics, developed the collagen tri facial treatment. Photo / Warren Buckland

The microneedling was a little itchy but not at all painful. Before I knew it, it was time for LED therapy. I’ve had this before and thought standing still for 20 minutes would be pretty boring.

But the next thing I knew Aden’s hands were on my face, neck and scalp, giving me the most amazing massage. She constantly checked that my eye mask hadn’t moved. I just thought I didn’t want it to stop when the buzzer went off. No, it couldn’t have lasted 20 minutes.

Aden told me that she learned Indian head massage while training to become a beautician.

She said the collagen tri face would benefit people of all ages.

My skin was a little red in places for a few days. Easily covered in makeup, but I could see a subtle difference in the fine lines around my mouth and eyes, but more importantly my skin looked amazing. No dry spots, and almost two weeks later still feels good.

For more information, visit or visit Cloud 9 Aesthetics on Facebook, @nurseclouds on instagram

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