The best modern and antique medallions

Lockets have been a favorite of women for centuries, and for good reason: it’s not just a piece of jewelry, but a place to store your favorite keepsakes, keepsakes, secrets, and anything that has deep meaning and holds great value. emotion and feelings. That’s why it’s one of the most expressive gifts you can give for Mother’s Day. From antique lockets to modern versions, symbolic designs add an extra dimension to this already meaningful gift from the heart.

Here are a variety of looks, old and new:

Carrie Imberman-Co-owner / Kentshire

“The belt buckle or garter has long been a symbol of loyalty / an indestructible bond, especially given its association with the Order of the Garter, the oldest and preeminent British order of chivalry. Given the Victorian predilection for sentimental jewelry that looks as modern today as when it was designed, the buckle is an appropriate decorative motif for a locket meant to hold keepsakes of a loved one.

Monica Rich Kosann-Designer / Monica Rich Kosann

“Every woman has sentimental secrets and treasured memories – a locket is the most elegant way to keep those moments in your life.”

Diane Richardson-Ower / The Gold Hatpin

This antique Art Nouveau locket is a beautiful flowery gift with a bouquet of flowers in the shape of a heart, it’s just the perfect gift to show your love for mom or any special woman on Mother’s Day. “

Ileana Makri-Designer / Ileana Makri

“I designed the ‘Open Your Heart’ locket with a hidden love note to remind you to open your heart to others. Along with the evil eye symbol, the locket is imbued with love and protection just like a mother’s love.

Yarden Katz and Oren Katz-Designers / Carbon & Hyde

“It’s a timeless piece for any woman you gift. It is created to hold two photos inside. Our favorite for a Mother’s Day gift. “

Arman Sarkisyan-Designer / Arman Sarkisyan

“The medallions are an integral part of my collection. I’m drawn to the layers of symbolism that each piece can hold, from the design I chose with a specific meaning to see on the outside, to the memories the wearer chooses to carry with them.

Susan Cohen-Designer / Around 1700

“I designed the Circa 1700 Mechanical Remembrance Orb – to keep your little treasures close at hand. The Orb was designed to reflect the night sky with the larger star at the top symbolizing the North Star for our guiding light, which every mom is. This Latin around the orb said: Omni Vincit Amor – Love conquers all. And, the love of a mom really conquers everything.

Sunny Bond and Blair Fox-Owners / Fox and Bond

“A beautiful, detailed piece with French elements. The gold and pearl combo is one of our favorites. The teardrop-shaped bead at the bottom moves with the wearer and is an eye-catcher when it is on the body. It opens at the back to hold a photo of a loved one, making it a perfect keepsake to give that special woman on Mother’s Day. “

Ana Katarina Vinkler-Petrovic-Designer / Ana Katarine 18K Love Locket Ring

“My Love Locket Ring is inspired by ancient poison rings and my love of secrets. A slight reflection of the “ lover’s eye ” is visible through the hand-carved quartz crystal dome, and when opened, it reveals the magnificent hand-carved cameo. My eye cameos are modern love tokens worn either as a lover’s eye or for mom – as a third eye. “-

Kim and Nicole Carosella-Designers / Sorellina

Lock & Key is our latest jewelry launch with a series of treasure box lockets that can be opened using a mini key attached to the necklace clasp or by purchasing another Key pendant. These lockets are modern keepsakes that are semi-permanent and require the help of a separate mechanism to reveal its secret contents which can be symbolic or sentimental. We’ve designed the lockets to hold more than just a photo – they’re mini boxes for holding personal treasures. “

Temple St Clair-Designer- / Temple St. Clair

“The diamond dragonflies hovering in the golden sky symbolize the idea of ​​moving forward while taking your loved ones wherever you go.”

Jacquie Aiche-Designer / Jacquie Aiche

“A locket is such an intimate and sacred piece of jewelry. It’s a special way to keep a loved one close to your heart. Whatever you choose to place inside is yours to always cherish. ”

Elizabeth Doyle-Co-owner / Doyle & Doyle

“A special gift for mom – a bracelet locket – that offers a unique grip. This is a Victorian bangle bracelet that features a large central locket compartment to hold photos or a keepsake. The hanging heart-shaped padlock adds a touch of feminine whimsy. “

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