The beauty of birds as an aesthetic value of wildlife

Ujjain: As their natural habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate, several birds are struggling to discover their respective habitats. India shares about 13% of the total bird species out of the 10,000 species recorded worldwide

IUCN member birdwatcher Ajay Gadikar, Indore said on Wednesday speaking on Day 5 of the week-long online national outreach program on “Wildlife conservation in India: the evolving paradigm “.

The event is organized by the Department of Zoology and Biotechnology of the GGPGC under the aegis of the MPHEQIP World Bank Scheme and supported by the IQAC. He said many birds display a drastic change in their behavior and have moved away from their natural habitat and were found nesting in a hole in a residential building several meters above the ground, without any plan. water nearby.

These changes show that these birds are struggling to survive in the city. If they don’t adapt to the changing conditions, they would disappear from the city, Gadikar said. He also focused on government efforts and said the Madhya Pradesh Forestry Department collects information on Avid wildlife by organizing bird surveys with the help of citizen scientists. In this effort, many people in the form of citizen scientists are making their contribution.

Dr Leena Lakhani, program coordinator, commented on the role of birds in an ecosystem. She also led the debates and, along with the guest speaker, resolved questions from the audience. The program was chaired by Principal Dr HL Anijwal while Dr Sujeeta Kanare introduced the guest speaker to the audience. A vote of thanks was presented by Dr VK Gupta.

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Posted on: Thursday October 07th, 2021 01:20 IST

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