The 6 Best Animated X-Men Shows, Ranked According To IMDb

Created in 1963 by comic book geniuses Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the X Men were not an immediate success. The early comics established a common theme for the group, addressing issues of prejudice and racism. In 1969 the books were refreshed by Roy Thomas and Neal Adams. However, sales were poor and the series was virtually shut down. It was not until 1975 that the X Men started to really shine.

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Under the direction of Chris Claremont, the team returned with an adult cast of heroes. The series was so popular that it led to one of the longest series in comic book history, spanning 16 years. The motley group of heroes and outcasts have touched the hearts of millions of fans, making appearances on Fox X Men movies, comics, video games and a handful of animated shows.

6 Marvel Animation: Wolverine (6.3 / 10) appealed to anime fans, but strayed too far

Wolverine Anime

Part of a four-part collaboration with Japanese animation studio Madhouse, this 12-part animated series follows its namesake, Wolverine, as he attempts to save his sweetheart, Mariko Yashida after his mysterious disappearance. Along the way, he teams up with an old friend, a cop who tries to break up a crime syndicate. Cyclops and Omega Red from X Men the universe makes appearances.

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The show received mixed reviews. While the animation style has been praised, common complaints include poor writing, a poorly crafted story, and poorly performed actors. Many felt that Wolverine’s character design was poor. Gone are the hairy and muscular 5ft 3in Canadian. Instead, this show’s character is tall, slim, and seemingly meticulously waxed. Marvel Animation: Wolverine was clearly created to appeal to anime fans rather than comic book fans.

5 Pryde of the X-Men (6.7 / 10) tried to bring the characters to TV with a pilot

Pride of x men

Although it is narrated by Stan Lee himself and starring a wide range of famous characters, Pryde of the X-Men never went beyond a pilot episode. The pilot was produced at a time when Marvel was facing serious financial difficulties, and production of the show had to be halted after the patent was sold in 1989. In order to generate interest from the networks, the pilot was absolutely thrilled. at the rafters.

Lasting just 20 minutes, the series managed to cram its huge cast, an ’80s rock theme song and some really big ideas too. The show was going to influence the upcoming Marvel animated series and even had a spin-off video game. X Men fans often point out the similarity between this and the first episode of X-Men: The Animated Series, Night of the Sentinels. Since its first broadcast, this unique episode has spawned many theories about what could have been.

4 Marvel Animation: X-Men (6.9 / 10) added Anime Flash, but missed X-Men core

Wolverine, Cyclops and Armor in the X-Men 2011 anime

Another chapter in the collaboration between Marvel and Madhouse, this version of the X Men investigates the disappearance of mutants in Japan after the death of Jean Gray. The team takes on the villainous U-Men, a group that first appeared in the comics in 2001. The U-men augment their human body parts with those of mutants.

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The anime is doing better than his Wolverine consideration, but the reviews were still mixed. While he was highly regarded for his magnificent animation and intriguing storyline, many felt the characterization was hit and miss, with some of the more popular characters relegated to sidekick status. Even some hardcore X Men fans took umbrage that the series replaced main comic book themes with anime tropes.

3 X-Men: Evolution (7.8 / 10) changed the classic formula

X-Men: Evolution had the impossible task of keeping up with what many consider to be the most incredible animated show of all time. To distance yourself from this spectacle, Evolution changes the formula and follows a younger distribution of X Men who are still in the process of mastering their mutant powers. The show succeeded in creating a new dynamic within the team with themes like mentoring and the need to feel accepted by peers.

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Evolution features a more modern, stylized, and cartoonish representation of the characters fans know and love. He doesn’t rush to expand the universe as a whole throughout its four seasons, but rather takes his time to build the relationships and stories that connect his characters.

2 Wolverine & the X-Men (8.0 / 10) capitalized on success in live-action movies

Wolverine and the X-Men Roster

The most recent Western take on the characters puts fan favorite Wolverine at the forefront. Some viewers felt the series bowed to the hype surrounding the main character following the success of the live-action movies, which introduced Wolverine to a whole new audience. Others believe this take on the character to be the most mature yet.

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In both cases, Wolverine and the X-Men pushes further into the territory of stylized animation using a mixture of 2D and 3D. Most viewers enjoyed the animation of the great action sets and story arcs that took place over a single season. Despite this, the show manages to cram in a massive cast of characters from the X Men comics, but came to an untimely end due to new financial problems at Marvel resulting from Disney’s takeover in conflict with Fox’s ownership of the film’s rights to the franchise.

1 X-Men: The Animated Series (8.4 / 10) Introduced A Generation To The Marvel Misfits

X Men Animated Series

For an audience of a certain age, the X Men theme song can bring a flood of nostalgia. Although aimed directly at children, the series has never shied away from the main themes that have made the comics so popular. These more grown-up themes of prejudice, racism, and loss of loved ones followed fairly closely the classic comic book stories. Many fans consider the portrayals of beloved characters from the show to be their final interpretations.

The show was considered revolutionary for its serialized nature. Of particular note is The Phoenix Saga and The Dark Phoenix Saga, which told the classic comic book stories across five and four episodes, respectively. Not only did this introduce an entire generation to the diverse cast of X Men characters, but he also paved the way for the success of the 2000 X Men movie. This beloved series continues to exert its influence, with many fans signing up to Disney + only to watch the show after it was announced that it would be exclusive to the streaming service.

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