Swim Drops ‘Teenage Euthanasia’ Trailer For Adults

Teenage euthanasia, Adult Swim’s new all-age comedy series about death, family and accidental resurrection, premieres Sunday, September 19 at midnight ET / PT. And now we have a trailer!

Set in the slightly apocalyptic near future of Inner Florida, Teenage euthanasia focuses on the Fantasy family and their indoor Florida funeral home, Tender Endings. The character cast includes the recently undead Trophy Fantasy (voiced by Maria Bamford); her teenage daughter, Euthanasia “Annie” Fantasy (voiced by Jo Firestone); Annie’s Uncle Pete, with Odipus Complex (voiced by Tim Robinson); and Baba, Annie’s “old country” immigrant grandmother (voiced by Bebe Neuwirth).

As a teenage mother, Trophy ran away from home, leaving Annie behind to be raised by her Baba and uncle Pete. Fifteen years later, Trophy finally returns to Tender Endings … in the form of a corpse, for burial. But when lightning strikes Baba’s homemade embalming fluid and one of Annie’s tears magically brings Trophy back from the dead, Trophy finds herself resurrected with a second chance to become an unplanned parent ( and a variety of near-useful death powers).

It’s an animated fantasy resurrection!

The half-hour animated series is co-created by Alissa Nutting and Emmy-nominated producer Alyson Levy (The shuddering truth). Teenage euthanasia is produced by PFFR and hosted by Augenblick Studios. Executive producers include Lisa M. Thomas, Vernon Chatman and John Lee, with Scott Adsit as co-executive producer.

Source: Adult swimming

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