Stephen Curry has an animated response on the possibility of facing LeBron James and his Lakers in the play-in tournament

Warriors superstar Stephen Curry gives hilarious reaction when asked what he thinks about facing LeBron James in a gaming match

The Golden State Warriors recorded a resounding 136-97 victory over young OKC Thunder. Stephen Curry continued his flurry and scored a high 49 points. Curry also made 11 3 pointers on his way to 49 points. It was the 4th such occasion this season where he has achieved this feat. Along with Steph, Draymond Green also contributed with a double-double, registering 15 points and 13 assists.

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The Warriors needed this victory in order to keep their grip on 8th place. The next two games they will face are against the top two teams in the west. The Dubs have to face the Jazz and the Suns on consecutive nights. If the Warriors manage to divide the games and beat the Grizzlies, they should be able to stay on the 8th seed to end their season.

Stephen Curry reacts to possible Lakers-Warriors play-in match

There are about four to five games left to finish the regular season. Placement for the playoffs and play-in games is still on the line. West has a two-game margin between the 5th-seeded Mavericks and the 7th-seeded Lakers. Likewise, there is a half-game difference between Warriors ranked 8th and Grizzlies ranked 9th.

According to current positions, the first play-in match between 7th and 8th seed for 7th place would end with a Lakers-Warriors match. There is also a lot of anticipation for the same. The defending champions have been in a crunch lately, while the Warriors are on a hot streak. When asked to share his thoughts on the same topic, Steph Curry responded with a hilarious reaction instead.

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If the Warriors led by Steph Curry take on the injured defending champions, the result would be an incredible game. Steph Curry and the form he is in, it would only add to the Lakers’ woes. In my opinion, if the Warriors end up facing the Lakers, they have the potential to cause a major upheaval.

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