Steele: an assortment of treasures from the past | Chroniclers


By Judy D. Steele Trash & Treasures

My column this week highlights some of my “chances and ends” that I have gathered over the years. And I probably don’t even remember where I bought these. I know most of them were 18 years or older. I should have tagged them – put information like where, when, and date – but that would mean I could be a bit organized, which I’m afraid I might not be. So please hang on with me today and while some of my photos may be repeated, my actual stories are not. I’m smiling right now and trying to remember where I found each item and I’m pretty sure I’m thinking right now, “You’re almost 75, ma’am. What do you expect this old memory to remember anyway? And so my life goes on and on and on and on and on – remembering dates is difficult, but keeping in mind that I work with antique classes (people bring many beautiful and very interesting items on a weekly, and I try to give them a quick note of information on the same day – then I take my photos at home and start looking for more correct and informative details.

I love the research part, but the best part is the story that is told to me and the other students on Tuesdays. My classes are still at the Good Life on the Bricks restaurant on their closed patio at the moment – when it’s too hot, we can go back to their party room at the back of the restaurant. Great food, great service by the way.


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