Statement by a lady from Kerala based in Italy registered

Thiruvananthapuram: The Crime Branch police investigating the case of fake antique dealer Monson Mavunkal have taken a statement from Anitha Pullayil, the famous lady from Kerala living in Italy.

According to sources, the investigative team contacted her and took her statement via video conference.

Eyebrows have been raised since Anitha’s name began to circulate after Monson Mavunkal, a Kochi resident, 54, was arrested by police from the criminal branch of his house museum last month after the victims approached Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan with their complaints. that they were swindled of Rs 10 crore by this “master fraudster”, who even managed to give a tour to the highest officials of the Kerala police.

Anitha, whose number of attention-grabbing Mavunkal photos have surfaced, is also seen in the company of none other than Vijayan and former DGP Loknath Behra, among others.

Anitha is based in Italy but is originally from Trissur and took the Loka Kerala Sabha (LKS) route and became close not only to Behra but also to Mavunkal and many other big guys.

LKS is a global meeting of the keralite diaspora located outside Kerala and it was first launched by the Vijayan government in 2018 and the second edition took place in January 2020.

When her name was dragged out, she came live on TV news channels and said that she was more of a social person engaged in charities and helping people and that she would cooperate with the police and that. is what she did on the video conference, where she revealed everything she knows about Mavunkal.

By the way, there are reports that while the two were good friends and that she told the police that it was after she knew Mavunkal was a fraud, she ended her friendship with him.

Mavunkal took all of his distinguished guests into his fold by showcasing antiques in his collection which he said included the “Rod of Moses” and “two of the 30 pieces of silver that were taken by Judas to deceive Jesus Christ. “.

Police said he presented these “rare” items – a throne believed to have been used by Tipu Sultan, as well as a huge collection of old Qurans, Bibles (Old Testament and New Testament) and old handwritten copies of the Bhagavad Gita.

Mavunkal used to bring several VIPs to his lavish residence, part of which has been turned into a museum to house his “precious” antiques.

Mavunkal is currently in judicial custody and on October 19, local police registered a complaint against him under the POCSO charge after a 17-year-old girl complained of raping her.

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