Star Wars Announces Young Jedi Adventures Animated Series

Young Jedi Adventures, a Star Wars animated series set in the High Republic era aimed at younger viewers, is in the works for Disney+.

A new anime star wars The series is coming to Disney+ and Disney Junior, based on the lives of Younglings learning the skills and values ​​they’ll need to become Jedi.

Adventures of Young Jedi is an original series set to debut on Disney+ and Disney Junior next year. The show was announced during Star Wars Celebration through the official star wars Twitter, which revealed its setting and themes along with an image of its logo: “Set in the era of the High Republic, the original series follows young people as they study the ways of the Force and become Jedi: compassion, self-discipline, teamwork, patience, and friendship.”

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The star wars franchise is thriving with new content, as this week saw the premiere of the highly anticipated Obi Wan Kenobi series as well as the first trailer of Andor. However, the live-action TV series streaming on Disney+ are primarily aimed at adult fans, and even classic anime series such as The Clone Wars are generally considered too intense and complex for children.

Adventures of Young Jedi promises a more child-friendly portal to the galaxy far, far away. If the show will connect with other parts of star wars canon is not yet known, nor have details on the characters, cast and crew, and animation style been made available.

Beyond the universally familiar sci-fi adventure films of star wars, which are often considered suitable for the whole family, there have also been many projects in the franchise’s long history aimed specifically at children. Many of them, such as Star Wars Mindfulness Questionscan be found on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel.

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Adventures of Young Jedi‘ The setting of the High Republic is a period of time in star wars history about two hundred years before the events of The Phantom Menace, the first timeline film of the main series. Comics, novels, audio plays and more are set in this era, highlighting the glory days of the Jedi Knights. The Haute République is also the setting for the next Star Wars: The Acolytea live-action TV series premiering on Disney+ in 2023, though it’s likely to have a very different tone than the animation Adventures of Young Jedi.

Adventures of Young Jedi will premiere on Disney+ and Disney Junior in Spring 2023.

Source: Twitter

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