Star teases major connection to ’60s Star Trek

Strange new worlds indeed. When Star Trek: SNW early days, could Captain Pike (Anson Mount) wear an actual 1960s Velvet Starfleet uniform? Will a young Jame T. Kirk appear? Does the technology on the bridge USS Enterprise look colorful and wacky again?

A new tweet from a Strange new worlds star could mean that the collective answer to all these questions is Yes. In 2017, some Trekkies had revolted that the 2256 era of Discovery just doesn’t fit the classic Trek, mostly when it came to the pesky and unsuitable world of the uniform cannon. But now the retro dreams of classic Trekkies are about to come true. Perhaps.

Anson Mount just dropped a hint on what to expect from Strange new worlds, and from a certain point of view, it’s possible that he suggests some very old-school Star Trek cameos, and maybe even a WandaVision-Trek twist style.

Strange new worlds and the Star Trek uniforms of the 60s?

Captain Pike and Captain LuceroCBS / Paramount

Because the timeline of Strange new worlds leads to the era of Captain Kirk’s five-year mission of Star Trek: The Original Series, many fans wondered if we would see some kind of visual transition to the funky 1960s aesthetic of the classic show. Recently, co-showrunner Akiva Goldsman even admitted that in Strange new worlds, “the uniforms have been adjusted slightly” and that “the outfits are slightly different”.

Chronologically, Strange new worlds will likely start in 2258 or 2259, right after the Season 2 finale of Discovery. At that point, Pike, Spock and Number One were rocking what they called “the new uniforms” which were essentially very colorful versions of the DISCO– Trek style uniforms. (The pike actually spent most of Discovery Season 2 in the other uniform style. When to DISCO…)

The captain speaks! Credit: Anson Mount / Twitter

But in a tweet on July 7, 2021, outgoing actor Captain Pike wrote:

“The final episode of Season 1 begins filming today. Old school fans are going [be] VERY excited to see what we’re trying to achieve with this one. Do a lot of things that I’ve never tried as an actor. So funny! #StarTrek #StarTrekSNW. ”

So what does Mont mean? Is he about to rock some 1960s-style velvet by the season 1 finale of Strange new worlds? Between what Goldsman said about the uniform change and Mount’s comments about “old school fans,” it seems like Strange new worlds could be a drastic change from the smoother Star Trek TV we’ve been getting since 2017. If you do a bit of mental gymnastics, Mount might suggest that they maybe even filming the new series to look like the 60s show. He didn’t say that. But it’s possible, right?

Captain Kirk in Strange new worlds?

Captain Kirk, alone on the deck of the USS Enterprise in “This Side of Heaven”. Could the bridge look like this in Strange new worlds? Will we see Kirk?CBS / Paramount

The other way to read Mount’s tease about “old school” Trek in Strange new worlds is that the story of the series can actually happen to introduce characters from The original series. Top of that list, for a lot of people, is, of course, Captain Kirk. But how would this (hypothetically) be done? Are you re-casting Kirk again? Getting Chris Pine to TV Trek? Or, could William Shatner appear via a Luke Skywalker-Mandalorian CGI?

The phrase “what are we trying to do with this one” sounds very loaded. Yes Strange new worlds trying to do something, it seems to imply that what is being attempted is inherently risk. Does Mount have to act like he’s meeting William Shatner but there’s just one person there wearing a totally green bodysuit? Could that be what he means by “doing things I’ve never tried as an actor?” “

Playing with Trek Canon in the new shows has become a kind of endless tap dance. But in general, for the actors, it does not have much impact. So if Mount pushes himself as an actor and this push is connected to the old school CGU vibrations, it is in the realm of the possible that we are dealing with a kind of plunge into The original series, maybe even using archive footage.

Kirk (William Shatner) meets Sisko (Avery Brooks). Kirk’s images are from 1967. Sisko’s images are from 1996. Could Strange new worlds try something like this?CBS / Paramount

Star Trek has done it before. In the DS9 episode “Trials and Tribble-ations”, the 24th century crew of the USS Defiant time traveled from 2373 to the 23rd century 2267. And, when they got there, they literally interacted with Kirk and Spock in several scenes of “The Trouble With Tribbles”. This DS9 The episode also established that from a Trek’s “future” perspective, the uniforms and aesthetic of the past really looked like this.

Granted, Anson Mount just said the words “old school” and that made several fans (including me) really think too much about what he means. Yet because there is precedent in Star Trek canon for merging footage from older shows with footage from newer shows (Discovery does this in season 2, and again in season 3) it is not entirely out of the question to think that Strange new worlds will pay a serious homage to the classic ’60s show. But, more specifically, it might end up looking like this series too.

Imagine watching a show that looks like it was shot in the 1960s, but it airs in 2022. Hey, that worked for WandaVision, right?

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will arrive at Parmaount + in 2022.

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