Shropshire students voice mental health issues linked to pandemic in unique facilitation workshop

A unique animation workshop took place at Concord College

A total of 32 Concord College students participated in six hours of workshop practice during which they were able to reflect on their personal experiences and develop essential social and professional skills.

According to Kat Bant, who facilitated the workshop, the result was a true representation of their inner thoughts and emotions felt during isolation.

“It was certainly an incredible overview for me of the mental health issues stemming from this terrible pandemic – and I am proud of the students,” she said.

“A nod from one student to another meant that each of them knew what the other had felt during such a difficult time in history.”

A first of the animations took place in the Concord College theater which she described as a “real turning point” for the students in understanding what they could all achieve together.

Miss Bant, a former freelance illustrator who is now a boarding school assistant at Acton Burnell College, said: “The students were given a creative brief to follow based on the pandemic and mental wellness to plan, illustrate and facilitate a personal emotion scene. .

“The animations produced exceeded anything I thought would be possible in such short sessions.”

Matei Dumitrascu-Antoniu, 13, third form student, said: “The most important skill I learned in the workshop is how to organize and structure a short room while listening to each other’s ideas. .

“Because we had to create a one-minute play that expressed all of our feelings, it wasn’t easy to do with different opinions and ideas.

“But we still managed to collaborate and include everything.”

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