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One painting caught the attention of Paul Martin, who felt the bargain decoration would be worth something. Admitting that he loves seascapes, he negotiated with a store owner in Axbridge, Somerset, that he could take it with him along with another item he had bought, for all the money he had. on him plus a little “dishes”. Fortunately, the owner agreed, but the Antiques Road Trip star was then thrilled when it was sold for £ 150 on the BBC show.

“There’s something about it, there’s movement,” Paul said after noticing the painting.

He added: “He’s got vitality. Looks like you’ve got a steamboat over there and he may be having trouble – you’ve got the lifeboat leaving the harbor.

“It reminds me [Victorian painter] Charles Napier Hemy, that’s exactly how he would paint the sea, that kind of color. “

But Paul noticed some aging of the frame and holes in the paint, so he took a chance on getting it on the cheap.

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“It is terribly damaged, it has not been too varnished,” he explained. “Which is a good sign.

“It’s just been rebased and re-supported, and reframed. I think that has potential.

“If I can afford it.” He called the owner of Ripley Antiques & Vintage, but he would have to haggle to take the painting.

The owner explained that she had had it for about a year and was certainly not “fed up” with it.

After spending £ 14.86 on the artwork, the price soared in the auction room.

“Yes!” Paul shouted as the cost exceeded £ 80. But it quickly climbed to over £ 105, with Paul shouting, “Yes, come on!”

“You smoke,” commented fellow expert Raj Bisram.

“Raj, I’m going to jump in there,” Paul added. “I go !”

The painting eventually sold for £ 150. Paul jumped for joy as a baffled Raj added, “Well that’s fantastic. What a great result.”

“Awesome,” said Paul, pumping his fist with pleasure. “Brilliant!” The profit of £ 135.14 certainly looked higher than he expected.

“It’s a big profit,” he continued as Raj joked, “Look at the smile on your face!”

“It feels good,” Paul admitted. He had also made a good profit from the theodolite, so had certainly been lucky.

The Antiques Road Trip is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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