Reface Now lets you animate old portraits with your own face

The Reface face swap app now lets you animate old portraits you upload with your own face.

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Introducing a new type of face swap, an update to the popular Reface face swap app now lets you upload and animate old portraits, monuments, paintings, and memes with your own face.

Reface Now lets you animate uploaded photos with your face

Reface calls the new feature Swap Animation, and it allows users to upload their own images or GIFs to the app to swap faces or animate. While users can upload any content to the platform, Reface takes an approach of using the feature to swap faces with old portraits, monuments, paintings, etc.

Similar apps have had the ability to animate existing images that users download, but Reface allows users to take it a step further and change faces with those downloads.

An example of Reface's new feature swapping Da Vinci's face in Mona Lisa

Image Credit: Reface

After uploading an image or video to the app, users can choose from 30 preset motion and audio animations for their face swap creation. The new feature is available for free to everyone, but only Pro users of the app can upload GIFs to the app in addition to photos.

Face swapping is clearly a popular gimmick, as Reface racked up 100 million downloads in March 2021. Providing users with additional features can only be a good thing and will definitely attract more people to download the app.

Download: Reface for Android | ios (Free in-app purchases)

Previously, you could only switch faces with preselected images and clips in the app. Users couldn’t choose to animate or change the face of their own content, only what the app provided.

How does Reface’s new functionality work?

If you want to try out the new Swap Animation feature on Reface, make sure you’ve updated the app to the latest version. Head to Reface, press the + button, then Animate the image. You’ll then be prompted to upload an image, and then you can get down to business.

An instruction showing how to use the new Reface function

Image Credit: Reface

The new functionality of Reface uses GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) algorithms. The app separates motion from a video. Using key points on the head, he distorts the source image through movement and can draw any missing elements. That’s why you will still be able to see an ear if you turn your head – the app recreates the ear.

In terms of privacy, face swaps on Reface are created without storing photos. Instead, the app relies on face representations, which are numeric values ​​that represent different pieces of information about a face.

Reface indicates that this data is deleted within a maximum period of 24 hours in accordance with its policy. It should also be noted that face images are encrypted and all images used are stored locally on users’ devices.

Face-Swap with Anything

With the rollout of Reface’s new feature, users can animate and change faces with whatever they want. As users can now upload their own content to use in the app, it’s hard to think about the next step in face swapping.

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