RealTime Conference announces spring lineup

Real-time conferencing (RTC) announced its spring event lineup, comprising three 16-hour days filled with live presentations, discussions, interviews and live demos in real time. Running April 26-28, the virtual event brings together some of the leading voices from a diverse set of industries, all united in a common goal: to find ways to leverage technology in real time.

The three days of programming contain 100 sessions spread over 19 separate tracks, with each track focusing on a different sector or topic. The event features over 150 speakers from some of the world’s most innovative companies, such as Unreal Engine from Epic Games; Accenture; Group of chaos; Digital domain; disguise; NantStudios; DNEG; Facebook Reality Labs; Foundry; Framestore; HP; HTC; Intel Sports; Khronos Group; Lucid Motors; Lux Machina; Meow Wolf; NVIDIA; Pixomondo; Renault-Mitsubishi-Nissan; Soul machines; The third floor; Varjo; Visual Effects Society (VES); Volvo Cars; Volkswagen; and Weta Digital.

Featured tracks include:

  • Cloud / Pixel Real-time Streaming
  • Collaborative design in the metaverse
  • Digital humans / virtual agents
  • The challenges of education / recruitment and training
  • The impact of real time on health
  • Inspiring architects
  • Real-time technology in sport
  • Retail and commerce 3D
  • Virtual production
  • How real time transforms animation
  • XR and live broadcasts

In keeping with the theme of the event, “The Rise of the Metaverse – Fusion of the Physical and Digital Worlds,” the sessions will address the growth of shared collective spaces, including a look at the tools that allow people to collaborate virtually on projects, in real time, from anywhere in the world. Experts will also offer practical advice on how to take advantage of real-time tools, discuss how businesses and individuals have adapted to the pandemic, and offer insight into the future of several industries through presentations. live and demos, from the people who help shape it.

Live demos include:

“Remote collaboration with NVIDIA Omniverse and HP ZCentral”

  • Jeff Kember – Director of Global Developer Relations for the Omniverse Platform –
  • Joshua St. John – Head of Creators, Global Product Planning & Industry Strategy – HP

“The impact of MetaHuman Creator on virtual production, storytelling and prototyping”

  • Mike Seymour – Senior Lecturer, Digital Human Researcher and Writer – MOTUS Lab | Co-founder – fxguide;
  • Panelists: Kim Libreri CTO – Epic Games; Vladimir Mastilović – Founder – 3Lateral | Vice President of Digital Human Technology – Epic Games; Matt Workman – Game Developer – Cine Tracer

“Rethinking the narrative”

  • Ed Plowman – CTO – disguise; Tom Rockhill – Sales Manager – Costume

“Talking to Douglas – The Challenges of Creating an Autonomous Digital Human”

  • Matthias Wittmann – VFX Supervisor – Digital Domain

“The New Dimension – Real Time Volumetric Video”

  • Hayes Mackaman – CEO – 8i

“Create a Customized Retail Virtual Showroom in Under 10 Minutes with Metaverse Engine”

  • Alan Smithson – Co-founder – MetaVRse

“Experiences of urban projects from the cloud”

  • Teïlo François – Director of innovation, partner – Vectuel; Christophe Robert – Co-founder – Furioos

“Value of values, transactional art on the blockchain giving shape to human values. Real-time shortcut from brain to blockchain “

  • Prof. Maurice Benayoun – Founder – Neuro design lab, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

While virtually all of the speakers will appear from locations around the world, the event will be hosted live from Los Angeles at the NantStudios Innovation Campus. Leveraging NantStudios’ virtual workflow, including LED Walls and Unreal Engine, RTC founder Jean-Michel Blottière will present sessions, deliver daily addresses, and host panels and discussions from ‘a virtual scene.

“Real-time technology has the capacity to change the world for the better, but there are still walls that separate many industries that could share their experience and techniques for the benefit of all,” noted Blottière. “The RTC was created to tear down those walls, bring people together and give participants an advantage. And with thousands of registrants from all over the world, the community that is forming around the event will continue to share and interact long after the last session is over. “

Featured speakers include:

  • Kim Baumann Larsen – CEO – Dimension Design
  • Jeff Burke – Professor and Associate Dean – UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
  • Shaun Carrigan – Product and Experience Director – Intel Sports
  • Lynn Comp – Vice President, General Manager, Visual Infrastructure – Intel
  • David Conley – VFX Executive Producer – Weta Digital
  • Alex Coulombe – Creative Director – Agile Lens
  • Bill Desowitz – Craft & Animation Editor – IndieWire
  • Phil Eisler – Vice President / General Manager, GeForce Now Cloud Gaming – NVIDIA
  • Paul Franklin – Co-founder of Double Negative and Creative Director – DNEG
  • Evan Goldberg – Director, Technological Innovation Research – The Walt Disney Studios
  • Christophe Héry – Researcher – Facebook Reality Labs
  • Sallyann Houghton – London Innovation Lab, New Business, Fashion Industry | M&E – Epic Games
  • Vince Kadlubek – Founder and Director – Meow Wolf
  • Jeff Kember – Director of Global Developer Relations for Omniverse Platform – NVIDIA
  • Connie Kennedy – Director of LA Lab – Epic Games
  • Rob Legato – President – KTM Productions
  • Kim Libreri – Technical Director – Epic Games
  • Matt Madden – Director of Virtual Production – Epic Games
  • Jussi Mäkinen – CMO – Varjo
  • Gary Marshall – Director of Virtual Production – NantStudios
  • Vladimir Mastilović – Founder – 3Lateral | VP of Digital Human Technology – Epic Games
  • Alex McDowell – Co-Founder, Creative Director – Experimental Design
  • David Morin – Executive Director – Academy Software Foundation
  • Chris Nichols – Director – Chaos Group Labs | Host – CG Garage Podcast
  • Thomas Orenz – Director of Interactive Digital Marketing – Lucid Motors
  • Patrick Osborne – Animator and Director – Nexus Studios
  • Frank Patterson – President and CEO – Trilith Studios
  • Dr Jon Peddie – President and Founder – Jon Peddie Research
  • Marc Petit – VP and General Manager of Unreal Engine – Epic Games
  • Jan Pflueger – Founder and Advisor – AdvisXR
  • Ed Plowman – CTO – disguise
  • Brian Pohl – Head of Epic Fellowship – Epic
  • Guillaume Polaillon – Senior Alliance Manager – NVIDIA
  • David Prescott – Senior Vice President of Creative Production – DNEG Animation
  • Dan Ring – Research Manager – Foundry
  • Miikka Rosendhal – CEO and Founder – Zoan
  • Mark Sagar – CEO – Soul Machines
  • Linda Sellheim – Education Manager – Epic Games
  • Mike Seymour – Senior Lecturer, Digital Humans Researcher and Writer – MotusLab (DDGR) USYD | Co-founder – fxguide
  • Joshua St. John – Head of Creators, Global Product Planning & Industry Strategy – HP
  • Marco Tempest – Managing Partner of Cyber ​​Illusionist – MIT Media Lab | Founder –
  • Alistair Thompson – Innovation Lab Manager – Epic Games
  • Neil Trevett – President – Khronos Group
  • Tim Webber – Creative Director – Framestore

A full schedule can be found here.

“While many of our sessions focus on how people are leveraging real-time technologies, the RealTime conference is an event where people can get a glimpse of the future,” commented Manny Francisco, CTO. of RTC. “Our roster brings together respected speakers from the industry and emerging innovators from our community.”

Following its spring event, the RTC will return November 15-17 with a second virtual event with all new lineup. The fall event will be followed by the first RealTime Innovation Awards, which will take place on Thursday, November 18th. The winners will be selected by the RTC community.

Major sponsors for RTC 2021 include Unreal Engine from Epic Games, NantStudios, ACM SIGGRAPH, disguise, Foundry, Framestore, HP, Khronos Group, NantStudios, NVIDIA, Sony, and Visual Effects Society (VES). Registration is now open and all sessions are free to the public.

Additional information is available here.

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