Prodigy Animated Series Trailer Shows Crew Not Certified By Starfleet

Star Trek has teamed up with Paramount + and Nickelodeon to go even deeper into the uncharted space of animation. As part of their global Star Trek Celebrating the day, Paramount previewed the trailer for its all-new children’s animated series, Star Trek: Prodigy, the first one Star Trek series never intended for a younger audience. In addition to the key art presented by the executive producers Kevin and Dan Hageman, it was announced that Prodigy premieres October 28 on Paramount +, with a one-hour episode exclusively for subscribers.

Created by actress and former ship captain Kate mulgrew, the trailer is filled to the brim with as much excitement as Star Trek fans have come to expect it, with enough laughter to make the series a perfect starter for any Trekkie looking to involve their own children. Rather than a professionally trained crew of Starfleet members, Prodigy sees a motley group of young aliens take over the bridge this time around, guided by a training hologram of Captain Janeway de Mulgrew herself.


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In search of a brighter future, six young outcasts stumble upon the crashed body of a ship – which is no different from the beloved USS Enterprise – and though they don’t know anything about how to pilot a ship , they have to fight for their own freedom, confronting some rather nasty characters, as well as learning to behave with each other. Although he doesn’t know anything about Starfleet, ProdigyThe six protagonists stray more from its ideals than they realize, and can turn out just as great as any academy graduate, even if they call the phasers “the bench button. bench “.

Star Trek: Prodigy presents the vocal talents of Brett Gray, Angus Imrie, Jason mantzoukas, Rylee alazraqui, and Ella Purnell, as good as Dee Bradley Baker and Mulgrew reprising his role as Captain Janeway. The series is directed by Ben hibon, with executive producers Alex kurtzman, Heather kadin, Katie krentz, Roddenberry Stem, and Trevor Roth.

Star Trek: Prodigy premieres on Paramount + on October 28. The rest of Paramount’s Star Trek Daytime panels will be available to stream on the official website Star Trek website for free, and fans can watch Prodigyon the Paramount YouTube page. Check out the all-new trailer below.

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