Porsche 928 Technomod composes the cyberpunk aesthetic

  • Nardone Automotive unveils restomod prototype of the Porsche 928 at Milan Design Week, featuring carbon fiber skin and revised interior.
  • The coupe features a number of updated systems, including upgraded brakes and a V8 tuned to 400hp with a modern ECU.
  • Nardone will showcase this 928 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​later this month, ahead of first customer deliveries in 2024.

    If there had been a Porsche 928 in ghost in the shell, it would probably have looked like this. Stuttgart’s V8 Coupe has received a cyberpunk update, remixing ’80s styling with a techno theme that demands a neon-lit background to fully appreciate its lines.

    Nardone Automotive is behind this 928, now clad in carbon fiber, which is arguably one of the most compelling restomods of this type in recent memory. And Porsche purists are unlikely to be left without strong two-way feelings.

    “The 928, since its debut in 1978, has always been an unconventional car, completely different from all the others: there was no similar model in the Porsche range before and, after winning the title of car of the year, it has remained in their model range for 17 years, selling a total of over 60,000 units,” the company says. is this not ?”

    All body panels have been replaced with subtly different panels.

    Nardone Automotive

    This technomod 928 is visually wider and lower than the original, but manages to preserve the overall design direction of the original to perhaps go unnoticed in traffic by those not into the brand. That’s how subtle the changes are. But those familiar with the 928 and all its variants will notice that all of the body panels are different, as are some styling decisions, but not to the point that you can say the design isn’t Porsche. It’s as if the automaker has stepped back in time and tweaked some things – that’s how close the Nardone version is to the spirit of the original 928.

    If the exterior embraces the 1980s decade much more than the original 928, the interior is ready to be featured in a sci-fi movie. The familiar elements are still there, but just about everything has been smoothed out and bathed in the same light mocha colors as the exterior. Trimmed in Foglizzo leather and Alcantara microsuede, the interior features an upgraded center console that incorporates the Porsche Classic Management (PCCM) system, offering Apple CarPlay as well as a modern hi-fi system.

    Power-wise, this 928 sticks to the original formula, retaining a V8 with a modern ECU, now tuned to 400bhp, as well as a six-speed manual transmission with a limited-slip differential. . Beyond upgraded brakes and power steering, the car now features active suspension and sits on unique 18-inch forged wheels.

    Porsche 928
    The interior has been updated in the corresponding style.

    Nardone Automotive

    Nardone plans to offer these to paying customers, so it won’t be a one-time styling exercise. But we have a feeling this new carbon fiber skin and everything else won’t come cheap.

    This probably won’t be the last Porsche restomod we’ll see for years to come, as 1980s nostalgia barely shows signs of waning and is in danger of being replaced only by 1990s nostalgia.

    So far, this 928 manages to hit a curious design point and is sure to spark a lot of conversations. The 928 will be on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in the UK within days, with the first customer deliveries scheduled for 2024.

    What do you think of restomods like this, price aside? Let us know in the comments below.

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