Oscar-Nominated ‘The Windshield Wiper’ Debuts Online

As voting for Oscar nominations continues, another of the year’s most notable animated shorts is launching online for a wider audience: Alberto Mielgo’s The wiper debuted today (January 19) on YouTube, free to watch via Short of the week! The film is also available to stream on the director’s IGTV feed (@albertomilgo). As Mielgo says, “films are made to be watched”.

The wiper is a meditation on the reality of love in the modern age, told through a series of artful vignettes. “Love is purely abstract and ruled by emotions… I don’t necessarily want the audience to understand or try to figure out what’s going on, I want them to feel every scene or vignette, whatever the trigger in them,” says Mielgo.

The wiper

Producer Leo Sanchez describes the project: “Over six years in the making, this is a film created by Leo Sanchez Studio and Pinkman TV. Through the love and dedication and involvement of some of the best talent in the industry, it was made possible and has now seen the light of day. It’s a labor of love, a passion project. A self-financed film that could only be made independently, which required a lot of risk-taking.

“From a production standpoint, and as a co-producer, I’m probably shooting myself in the foot right now,” Mielgo says of the online launch, “but let’s be honest, it’s and has always been a passion project, with no any budget, made on my free time with my friend Leo Sanchez and with a big number of artists and friends that they liked the project or that they liked my work or that they shared the values ​​or the message of the film and wanted to be part of it no matter what. The team worked generously on weekends, nights and whatever free time they had.

The wiper

The wiper

The wiper will be available to watch on Short Of The Week until the Oscar nominations are announced on February 8. Watch it here. Learn more about the 15 shortlisted animated shorts here.

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