Odd Fellows Antiques on sale until October 20

Odd Fellows Antiques on sale until October 20

The semi-annual sale is back and better than ever at Odd Fellows Antiques in Berkley. More than 50 dealers have supplied their spaces and windows for the event, which will run until October 20. In addition, changes have been made to their sales processes to ensure the safety of customers and associates. Masks are mandatory regardless of vaccination status. This is one of the only times you can save up to 50% on certain items from your favorite resellers. The location is 3248 12 miles. For more information, visit oddfellowsantiques.com.

Metro Detroit ranks among the best for having storage areas like a garage or basement.

Where people store things in Metro Detroit

As people continue to integrate workspaces, gyms and play areas into the home, garages, basements and storage spaces often come into play. StorageCafé set out to find out where people have been. easy access to home storage options to lead a lean life. They analyzed 25 of the largest metropolitan areas based on a number of key metrics, such as basement and garage availability, and access to on-site storage lockers for apartment tenants, as well. as living space per household member for all types of housing. Highlights from the Metro Detroit area have shown that Detroit stands out as the 11th best metro area for home storage, offering a great combination of on-site storage options and living space per person. They found that 81.9% of homes offer some sort of onsite storage option. Detroit ranks fifth for the share of homes with a basement, and 84.5% of homes in the area have access to a garage. For more information, visit https://www.storagecafe.com/blog/most-and-least-squeezed-metros-for-storage-space/

Favorite fall sweets

Sweetest Day with a touch of autumn

Saturday marks the sweetest day when many are heading for that last minute gift for someone special. On this occasion, sweets and flowers are often at the top of the list. If you’re planning on running out and getting a little something for your loved one, See’s Candies has a Centennial Favorite Fall Tin can that costs $ 18. In addition to the assorted fall flavors, the recipient also receives a sweet keepsake. The box was inspired by Dorothy Gray Forbes who designed See’s artwork for over 50 years. For more information, visit sees.com.

New products for the home of Forever 21.

Forever 21 launches the Home range

Forever 21 officially expanded to the home category with the launch of Home, the brand’s very first complete home collection. Featured items will be restocked each season with new pieces that include trendy styles with a trendy twist as well as more classic and timeless designs. From comfy cushions and rugs and sparkling string lights, to rainbow keyboard covers and tie-dye-inspired soap dispensers, these accents can enhance any space. The affordable prices (between $ 3 and $ 65) also make them great holiday gifts. Categories include bedding, kitchen and bath, lighting, home office, and more. For more information, visit forever21.com.

Boo!  A lot of people say they live in haunted houses.

About these haunted houses …

Clever, a real estate data company (listwithclever.com) has found that even haunted houses won’t scare home buyers in a competitive real estate market. In fact, they learned that 44% of Americans claim to have lived in a haunted house. In today’s seller market, 73% of Americans say they would be open to buying a haunted house, up from just 59% in 2020. Some Factors That Would Make Americans Open to Buying a Haunted House include a lower price (63%), a safer neighborhood (57%), renovations and / or modern appliances (41%) and a better school district (37%). Additionally, 13% of respondents would prefer to live in a haunted house and 27% would pay more than market value for a haunted house. For more information, visit https://www.realestatewitch.com/haunted-house-survey-2021/.

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