Nevada Environmental Division Hosts Free Mercury Recycling Events in Rural Areas

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection hosts free events where people can get rid of common items that may contain mercury.
These items include older thermometers, electronics with LCD screens, and antiques.
A spokesperson said these items should be disposed of properly because they pose health risks if people ingest, inhale or come in contact with mercury on the skin.
The first event will take place on April 24 in Hawthorne, next to the Veterans Memorial Park.
After that, there are events on May 15th in Tonopah, Goldfield and Eureka.
NDEP administrator Greg Lovato said the agency is planning mercury collection events for many communities across the state and these are just the first.
If the liquid in a thermometer is silver, he said it was probably mercury. Some antiques, including mirrors, are covered with metal.
Appliances ranging from freezers to dryers, televisions, cars and other products can all contain mercury switches.
In addition, jewelry imported from Mexico sometimes contains mercury, as do compact fluorescent bulbs.

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