Natasha Raskin Sharp Reveals Milestone Career Moment Caused by Famous Dad

Nicky Morris

Journey on the road of antiquities Star Natasha Raskin Sharp has revealed the “pivotal” career moment that was sparked by her father, contemporary artist Philip Raskin.

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In an exclusive interview with HELLO!the TV presenter, who appears on the screens of Channel 5 Great Ancient Adventure with Susan Calman this week opened up about how his father influenced his career.

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Speaking of her early career aspirations before entering the world of antiques, the 35-year-old said: “I thought I was going to follow in my parents’ footsteps. My parents were restaurateurs for 20 years and I just assumed that I would either continue to run their restaurant or do something in the hospitality industry myself.

“But when I was about 15, which is such a formative year, you know here in Scotland you do your higher exams so people start talking about what you’re going to be doing when you leave school. And At that exact moment, my parents decided to abandon their restaurant.”

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Natasha went on to study law at university before a friend convinced her to convert to art history in Glasgow. After completing the course, she returned to the waitress before her father offered her to attend an auction.

Natasha currently appears in Great Ancient Adventure with Susan Calman

He took me to an unusual art auction. He took me to a contemporary art auction still quite unusual in the antiques world, that was over 10 years ago now.

“And so, after going to this contemporary art auction, I was like, ‘God, I know a lot of these names, I recognize a lot of these people whose work is going under the hammer. I actually know some of them personally, or I’ve served them in a restaurant,’ and I thought that was really interesting.”

Natasha then contacted the auction house and started as an intern before being employed full time and carving out a successful career in television and radio.

Natasha recalls a ‘remarkable moment’ with her father

“It hadn’t occurred to me to work in the auction world,” said the Bargain hunting said the star. “If it hadn’t been for my father, I wouldn’t have known you could do such exciting things or auction contemporary art, which I continue to do to this day, and indeed , not only catalog them, but sell them from The Tribune.

So I have a lot to thank him for and I remember very, very clearly a real defining moment.,” she added.

Natasha currently appears in Great Ancient Adventure with Susan Calman, which sees the comedian help the nation buy, sell, haggle and restore its prized possessions with advice from experts Natasha, Danny Sebastian of Bargain Hunt and Flog It! starring Paul Martin.

Big Antique Adventure with Susan Calman continues Tuesday May 31 on Channel 5 at 7 p.m. and lasts until Friday June 3.

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