Mortal Kombat Most Satisfying Victory Animations

mortal combat is known for its over-the-top animations, including Fatalities that have been both a source of controversy and celebration for years. While ripping thorns, crushing heads, and melting people with acid gets all the bloody glory, the praise of another series staple has gone unsung.

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Victory animations are exactly what they sound like: unique animations that show how each fighter reacts to their victory. Some are boastful, and some are idiots. Some are funny, and some are cruel. All display their fighter’s personality or powers. It’s hard to put value in just a few seconds of animation, but that’s what matters mortal combat do the best.


ten Shao Kahn (skull and bones)

A swirling green arcane portal opens on the ground, disgorging a pile of skulls. Shao Kahn steps forward, stomping on them as they clamber over the pile, finally landing a foot on the mound like a pirate captain resting on a barrel. With his warhammer slung over his shoulder, Shao Kahn stares into space.

The cracking of bone, the swirl of the magic portal opening, and the sounds of the fighter himself are integral to the quality of this victory animation, proving that sound design can be such a crucial element in design. of the game than the work of art. Skull and Bones is brutal and punchy, like mortal combat animation should be.

9 Rambo (Guns Blazing)

Raising his machine gun off the ground and looping the ammo belt over his other arm, Rambo aims ahead and fires, firing the gun with one hand. As he does, his expression changes from resigned readiness to a battle-hardened growl.

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Spent ammunition casings are spit out from the gun as the camera closes in for a close-up. Rambo throws his gun upwards, keeps firing, discharges his gun into the sky, no longer trying to kill his opponent but to mark themselves as the winner. He screams in defiance, lips twisting as the screen fades to black. mortal combat must take special care to ensure that it captures the personalities of its guest characters, and in Guns Blazing it does this so well.

8 Mileena (good taste)

Her mask gone and her shark teeth exposed, Mileena grunts in pleasure as she raises her bloody hand. Gore and fluids flow from it as Mileena’s tongue sticks out of her mouth to lick her lips, though that does nothing to wipe away the copious bloodstain ringing her like clown makeup.

The camera pans close as Mileena’s tongue snakes out to wrap around her bladed fingers, licking them clean with a disgusting sound. She rushes forward, screaming, her razor teeth wide open as strings of saliva link her teeth, one eye pinched as she amuses herself.

7 Erron Black (Keep the change)

The cowboy takes a gold coin and passes it between the knuckles of his left hand, toying with it like a magician or a pickpocket who has mastered sleight of hand. He then tosses the coin high in the air, following it upwards with his gaze as with his other hand he reaches for the gun at his hip.

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The master shooter that he is, Erron Black takes his time, waiting for the coin to start falling before firing quickly, pushing the hammer away with his free hand and sending a ball flying through the center of the room, sending sparks and shards of metal flying everywhere. The scene cuts to slow motion to show that the coin, which is still spinning in mid-air, now has a perfectly punched bullet hole in the middle.

6 Sub-Zero (Flash Freeze)

Sub-Zero waves his arms in a semicircle in front of him, drawing in the mystical energy that fuels his frozen power, and the sound of ice crystals solidifying greets the player’s ears as snow appears before the fighter. Crouching, Sub-Zero swirls his arms around him, gathering more of his power as the sound of ice forming intensifies.

He spins his right hand in a small circle, swirling the vapors around his fingers before hitting the ground. His strike causes icicles to radiate outward like the tips of a crown, circling the fighter as time slows and the last ice crystals and snowflakes spin through the air around him.

5 Joker (sudden death)

The Joker laughs and turns his back to the camera, walking away throwing his cane cavalierly to the side. The camera pans to look behind the Joker as he pulls a detonator from his pocket. Behind him lie dozens of sticks of dynamite, bound together in bundles, forming a loose heap around his enemy.

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The Joker presses the detonator twice, but nothing happens, a tribute to the hospital scene of The black Knight. A split second later, the dynamite explodes, sending fire, dust and debris in all directions. The Clown Prince of Crime’s face transforms in an instant into a hard-to-read face: a kind of grimace, neither unhappy nor happy, but somehow ominous, as if it were the first sign of some horror to come.

4 Shang Tsung (Your soul is mine!)

Shang Tsung’s face contorts, his brow furrowing and his lips curling downward as he extends his left hand towards the camera. Arcane energy swirls towards him, and he collects it in the air above his palm, gazing at it with slight interest for a moment before turning it into a burning skull.

The camera then takes a close-up of his face as he points, breaking the fourth wall and declaring, “Your soul is mine!” His face then hardened again. Shang Tsung isn’t the only fighter in the game with a fourth-wall-breaking victory animation, but he’s surely one of the best.

3 Cassie Cage (good boy)

Cassie is squared with her hands up, ready to fight. His drone floats nearby, catching his eye and giving him a slight smile. The drone flies past her, hovering at eye level, and Cassie reaches out to tickle the air below as if scratching a dog under the chin.

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The drone then returns a bit. Shaping her fingers like a pistol, Cassie does the classic click before pretending to fire a bullet at the drone. playing his part, the drone rolls in the air, as if it had been shot down. What makes Cassie Cage’s Good Boy animation so satisfying is the obvious affection for her robot. It’s like watching any loving owner with their pet, except that animal is made of metal and its owner is one of the world’s greatest fighters.

2 Johnny Cage (autograph)

Johnny Cage, the veteran actor that he is, steps forward and reaches out, breaking all the way to the fourth wall to grab something a fan wants autographed. It’s written on his face: no matter how many autographs he’s asked for, it keeps stroking his ego.

Uncapping a felt pen with his mouth, Johnny signs the screen, ending the last letter with a flourish, as his sunglasses catch the light in true Hollywood style. Scorpion and Sub-Zero might be more iconic in terms of looks and abilities, but there might not be mortal combat fighter whose personality is more memorable to fans, and winner animations like Autograph are a big part of the reason.

1 Cetrion (cleaned)

Cetrion steps forward, waves his arms as he closes his eyes and a peaceful expression falls on his face. It starts to rain and a slight thunder is heard. She raises her arms and face to the sky, basking in the tranquil summer shower. Time slows down and the camera watches her from above, as the droplets continue to flow towards her and the earth. His smile is as radiant as it is inhuman.

The camera zooms in on her face as she reaches out and pushes out a single raindrop, causing it to burst. From the sound design to the choice of camera angles to the smoothness of its movements, Cetrion’s Cleansed is easily one of the most satisfying victory animations in the series.

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