Man kidnapped in Bengal for ancient coins he never owned | Calcutta

West Bengal Police Arrest Six People For Allegedly Kidnapping Man To Obtain Antique 19th Century Coins ??20 lakh he falsely boasted of owning. Investigators have cited the investigation so far and added that the man was trying to deceive the six men by pretending to have the parts.

“We received a complaint from a woman alleging that her brother Akash Sardar was kidnapped by some men and that the kidnappers demanded a ransom from ??20 lakhs. Six people were arrested in Bansdroni on the southern outskirts of Kolkata, ”said Maqsood Hassan, additional police commissioner for Baruipur.

Sardar would have taken ??20,000 advances from the six with the promise that he would give them the coins in a few days because he had to steal them from his home. Later, he told the six that the rooms were no longer with his family and that he could arrange them. “But when he didn’t give the coins and refund the money either, the men took him away and demanded a ransom of ??20 lakh, thinking that if they didn’t get the coins they would get a ransom of an equal amount, ”said a second policeman.

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Police cited a preliminary investigation and added that two of the suspected kidnappers, Sheetal Agarwal and Shanawaz Mollah, were interested in the deal as they collected ancient coins. “They first demanded the coins as a ransom. But when family members said there were no such coins, they demanded a ransom from ??20 lakh, ”said a third officer.

Police arrested the six after sending Sardar’s sister with a bag to Bansdroni to hand over the ransom amount to the kidnappers. When two of the defendants came to collect the money, a team of police accompanying them intercepted them. Sardar was later rescued from a car parked nearby while the other four suspected kidnappers were also arrested.

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