Legends of Runeterra reveals Guardians of the ancient expansion with new animated video

Riot Games unveils the next expansion for Legends of Runeterra with an animated cinematic trailer starring Chronokeeper Zilean.

Riot Games ” Legends of Runeterra did not see the explosive popularity of the two League of Legends or Valuing, or even Team combat tactics. Either way, Riot remains as dedicated to the free card game as it is to the rest of its products. The proof is evident in the last Legends of Runeterra Announcing its upcoming Guardians of the Elder expansion Legends of Runeterra May 5.

The Guardians of the Ancients will be Legends of RuneterraThe latest mid-set expansion, the first since the release of the Empires of the Ascended set. Each set in Legends of Runeterra is followed by the release of three expansions. As the first of the set’s expansions, Guardians of the Ancients are expected to be substantial, building on the central themes of Empires of the Ascended with a variety of new ones. Runeterra cards.

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At this time, none of the new Guardians of the Ancients cards have been revealed yet. Riot notes that players can expect spoiler content for the expansion in the coming days, but in the meantime, they can break down the new animated Guardians of the Ancients trailer for clues. It features the Zilean chronokeeper who uses time to meddle in multiple battles between Noxus and Ionia, shifting the balance towards Ionia.

The only basis for comparison Legends of Runeterra players have for Guardians of the Ancients is the first expansion of the previous set. Call of the Mountain included 40 new maps, as well as three new Legends of Runeterra champions. This can be a good base for the Guardians of the Ancients to hold, with the trailer hinting at Malphite and Irelia being new champion additions.

Legends of Runeterra is now available on mobile and PC devices.

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