Korean bedroom design ideas to try for an aesthetic space

When it comes to watching K-Dramas, fangirling on our favorite oppas and great ladies are already pretty much a given. But if there’s one thing we can’t help but notice and love, it has to be the interior design of their rooms. We are obsessed with the ~ Korean aesthetic ~! Have a nice room like Yu Na Bi’s from However Where Seo Dal Mi is from Start would be an absolute dream.

If you’re thinking of redecorating and recreating the same vibe for your space, we’ve got it! Below, we’ve rounded up all of the things we’ve learned about what * really * constitutes a Korean-inspired bedroom, including colors to consider and furniture you’ll want to have. Read on to find out more.

Check out these Korean bedroom design ideas for your next space makeover.

  1. Choose neutral colors for your walls.

    While some consider it an easy task, picking a color for your bedroom is actually a * major decision * as it will affect the overall feel of your space. You’ll want to go for colors like white, beige, or ivory, for a clean look and maaliwalas to feel. These neutral hues provide a feeling of calm and also make the room appear more spacious.

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  2. Choose light-colored upholstery fabrics.

    Based on Manila-based home decorator and stylist She Uy, upholstery fabrics are your curtains, bedding, cushions and more. (As the name suggests, literally anything sweet in your bedroom counts, LOL.)

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    For the curtains, she suggests obtaining transparent, fluid linen in a white or ivory color. You may also want to invest in blankets and duvet covers that follow the same palette. All of this will help give your space a more subtle and relaxed feel.

  3. Keep it simple.

    In case you haven’t noticed, the Korean aesthetic is very minimalistic. When choosing home decor items, keep in mind that you will want to avoid anything that has a fancy or intricate design. However, if you feel that the room is * too simple *, it is better to opt for simple patterns (eg Vichy) for your soft furniture.

  4. Place your bed near the window.

    Simply put, it gives you access to as much natural light as possible. Imagine all the super cute selfies you can take during ~ golden hour ~!

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  5. Install mood lights.

    In a previous interview with Cosmopolitan Philippines, interior designers at Tanaw Studio already mentioned that lighting is definitely a home improvement factor that deserves more attention. “People tend to stick with one lighting option: general or standard lighting. But we can actually incorporate mood lighting options into the design. Switching from one lighting option to another will dramatically change the feel of your room. It can also change the overall goal, ”they explained.

    To set the mood, you may want to consider getting a lamp or a dimmer. Bulbs that produce warm yellow light can also contribute to the warm atmosphere. If you are feeling a little extra, string lights add a cute touch as well.

  6. Arrange the space with light wood furniture.

    Now is the perfect time to be part of the #TeamKahoy! You may be able to opt for a wooden desk, chair or dresser for that natural element of your room. And if you think about it, the light wood furniture will complement the rest of your light colored furniture.

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  7. Consider low furniture, especially larger rooms like your bed.

    According to a recent Mandaue Foam Home TV vlog, the most common aspect of any Korean bedroom is the mattress-only bed. There are three ways to set it up: 1) Place your mattress on top of wooden slats or a platform, 2) Place the mattress on a mat, or 3) Use a box spring mattress and box spring spring.

    She also explained that having low furniture makes you feel like you’re in a living room. “Ang isa pa sa mga nakakadagdag kapag medyo mababa yung furniture niyo [is] mas nagmumukhang mas mataas yung room kasi mataas pa yung natitirang space out. So, mas nakakaluwag siyang tingnan,“she added.

  8. Your design should also match your personality.

    Of course, since your bedroom is where you usually spend most of your time, you would want it to be a comfortable personal space. Don’t be afraid to add accents that will reflect your style, but always remember that less is more. Feel free to add touches of pastel colors if you feel like it! (And in case you need some inspiration, content creator Ashley Garcia’s coffee corner is the perfect example.)

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  9. Use full-length mirrors and tilt them against the wall.

    ICYDK, mirrors aren’t just there for your daily OOTD vibration checks. Similar to the purpose of neutral colored walls, they help expand the space. But okay, they’re also great for home photoshoots, LOL.

  10. Add some greenery.

    Getting houseplants for your bedroom is like adding a cherry to your ice cream. Besides being a great ~ aesthetic ~ addition to your space, plants are known to have health benefits such as improve your mood, reduce stress and, most importantly, purify the air. And hey, if you can’t commit to being one halamom Where plantita, you can always go for fake plants. 😉


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