Japanese MT Metatron seeks post-aesthetic skin care opportunities overseas – CEO

MT Cosmetics is a Japanese company founded in 2005 and has a global presence in countries such as Indonesia, China, New Zealand, Russia and Finland.

The flagship brand of the firm is MT Metatron, a high-end professional line mainly distributed in beauty clinics and beauty salons.

She also owns Sandalphon, a skincare brand aimed at young consumers who claim to help them achieve the V-shaped facial profile. In addition, it also produces devices for the professional channel.

In recent years, the company has focused on expanding overseas, where it has observed more people opting for cosmetic treatments, resulting in increased demand for professional-grade skin care products.

“In Japan, it is common knowledge that your cosmetic treatment does not stop at the clinic and it is essential that you have the right treatments at home so that you can prolong the effects of your expensive professional treatments. Now we are seeing more and more people in Asia starting to understand this ”.Chairman and CEO Masatoshi Nakanishi said.

This, dubbed the medical beauty trend, prompted the company to expand regionally. It expanded to Singapore through the professional aesthetic channel in 2012 and entered China through cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) in 2019.

Focus on China

Although it has only been in China for two years, the market already represents 35% of all the company’s activities.

“We expect it to grow even more and believe that the activity in China could eventually match our Japanese sales volume”,Nakanishi said.

According to MT Cosmetics, medical beauty (医 一) is one of the top trends in China right now and is under intense scrutiny by companies like Alibaba, with which the company works closely.

To exploit the opportunities in China, the company is preparing to push the brand into the booming professional aesthetics channel in China, which is expanding as people now have more disposable income.

Nakanishi added that the COVID-19 pandemic has accidentally accelerated demand for cosmetic treatments.

“Today, because so many of us work at home and wear masks, some people see it as an opportunity to opt for more cosmetic treatments without exposing that you went for treatment.”

In the future, the company intends to focus its resources on the Chinese market, but not just in China itself.

“Our strategy is to reach Chinese consumers wherever they are. For example, our distributors in New Zealand are also Chinese and cater to expatriates there ”. Nakanishi said.

In addition, the company expanded its business into Singapore by entering the consumer market by entering the Isetan department store.

Nakanishi said CosmeticsDesign-AsiaThat the company views Singapore as a strategic location, noting that it has a diverse consumer base comprised of expats and high net worth clients.

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