‘Injustice’ animated film is on its way from DC

Injustice is getting its own animated film that will introduce the story of Superman’s fall to fans.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced that the popular fighting video game series Injustice will receive an animated feature film. This movie comes off the heels of recent news on the upcoming Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 2 movie.

Injustice follows the story of an alternate timeline in the DC comic book world where Superman becomes a bully after the Joker kills his pregnant wife, Lois Lane, as well as their child. Video games Injustice: gods among us and Injustice 2 both tell this story through gameplay and cutscenes. This movie, however, would only focus on the cinematic aspect and be a visual storytelling experience that comic book fans (who aren’t necessarily gamers) can enjoy.

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In Injustice, Superman leads a charge against all the super villains and ends up harming his fellow heroes as well. Batman eventually leads a resistance charge against Superman as well as his followers. The heroes have to choose a side and it ends in a war between superheroes and superheroes, even with some villains choosing a side. At this time, there is no indication of what the story of the film will involve. Fans have yet to see the prequel story told in the animated format comics, and so far, they’ve only seen the video games telling the story of the aftermath.

Fans have really turned to the history of the comics as it delves into how Superman got corrupted. We see a lot of heroes and villains getting killed, as well as the development of the character arc that leads directly into the game. The prequel series added context to the game and was arguably on par with the game’s story in terms of quality as it was very dark. This film is expected to be enjoyed by many fans upon its release.

There are fans who are also waiting for a sequel to Injustice 2 so those who expected another fighting game might be disappointed. A while back it was rumored that Netherealm was working on a new game that could be Injustice, a new Mortal combat, or a new IP address. Despite no official word on a new entry in either series, seeing all of DC’s best heroes and villains in one movie should be enough to surprise avid fans for now.

INJUSTICE 2 is currently available for Xbox, PlayStation and PC

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