Hornet adds Andrea Love to director list

hornet welcomed host and director Andrea Love to its list of directors. Specialized in stop-motion, Love devotes herself to detail and patiently develops her characters. Her journey into the world of animation began when she obtained a BA in Video Production and Film Studies from Hampshire College. After college, she moved to the Olympic Peninsula where she first worked on farms before gradually taking odd animation jobs during the offseason for various small businesses.

Love is self-taught in the art of stop-motion animation. In Port Townsend, where Love currently lives, she has developed a sequel on Instagram. She subsequently filled her portfolio with a mix of short narrative films, commercial projects and documentaries. His 2020 film Tulip was selected at the Annecy International Animation Festival and won an audience award at the New York International Children’s Festival.

His first foray into commercial work was Elder – a thoughtful approach to home care. His personal series, Cooking with wool is animated using the medium chosen by Love, wool. It is also an ecological choice.

“I like the fiber both for its tactile and fuzzy texture, but also because it is a natural material,” commented Love. “Sheep need to be sheared in order to protect their health and hygiene, which makes them renewable and sustainable. My family and I strive to live sustainably with a low carbon footprint and care deeply about mitigating the environmental costs of climate change. “

Love is equipped with a full-service animation studio and is knowledgeable about all aspects of the production.

“I am interested in collaborating with other artists, screenwriters, scenographers, etc.”, she added. “Maybe even work in the Hornet studio on some projects. Living in Port Townsend can be very isolating at times. I am delighted with the opportunity to work in tandem with larger teams and to expand my production capabilities. “

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