Helloween comes alive for “Out For Glory”

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Video again

Helloween released an animated video for their song “Out For Glory”, which is from their self-titled album and was implemented by Bachelor of Design (Animation & Interactive Media) students, RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia

Guitarist Michael Weikath said this: “I had an idea for a video where all the band members are portrayed as little, noble and strange courtiers and ministers. We should all be floating in the clouds, [vocalist Andi] Deris like a Mad Emperor … and after a while more and more details emerged and at one point we wrote everything down and sent the concept for the video to the Australian animation team. “

Aaron McLoughlin, Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne, added: “When I heard that Helloween was interested in a collaboration, I was totally blown away. Boys have been my absolute heroes since I was a teenager and I was sure my students would. I love working on a song by this band.

“Seven and a half minutes might not seem like much, but in terms of animation it’s a marathon. We had so much great stuff that producing ‘Out For The Glory’ was a real challenge.

“Weiki wanted the video to be as cute as possible and we knew it right away: a legendary band on the other side of the planet wants us to create a medieval epic full of cuteness? You bet!”

Weikath concluded, “I now expect everyone to appreciate this and think it’s funny and also see the meaning of it!” Watch the video below:

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