Hairdressing salon with an antique touch

GEORGE TOWN: Visitors entering a small barber shop wedged between buildings in the city’s World Heritage enclave will get a glimpse of a bygone era here.

A number of classic and rare vintage hairdressing tools, which have their own sentimental value for the owner of Verlarz Classic Barbershop, S. Singgara Vella, are carefully kept in glass displays.

The 47-year-old, affectionately known as Vella, said the antique items came from his personal collection, which also served as an attraction.

“Hairdressing tools were mostly made before the 1950s. There are some that still work well, like haircuts, razors and hair sprays.

“In fact, many customers are drawn to the collection,” he said when he recently met at his premises near Lebuh Ah Quee.

Vella said most of the items in her collection once belonged to her late stepfather, who was also a hairdresser.

“The collection of 60 antiques includes manual hair clippers, hairdryers, hairbrushes, razors, leather sharpening tools and nearly a century old hairdressing bags, in addition to old photos of hairdressing salons from various countries.

“There are also items that I bought from local and foreign antique shops – for example, an 85 year old Takara hairdressing chair from Japan which is still sturdy, which is considered the most valuable item in the collection. “, did he declare.

Vella said he hopes to someday open a gallery featuring antique hairdressing equipment from around the world.

Sharing his experience as a barber, Vella said he worked as a truck driver for 30 years before going into the business.

“I decided to improve my life by learning the hairdressing techniques of my late father-in-law, before making a career out of it which led to the opening of the Verlarz Classic Barbershop in 2003,” he said declared.

Meanwhile, Vella said that while his income has dropped significantly in recent months due to the pandemic, he is grateful for being able to support his business.

“I’m thankful that customers always come to my store, especially when school starts and during the holiday season,” he said. – Bernama

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