Griffin’s Antiques and Main Street Market celebrates one year of activity

ALEXANDRIA, Louisiana (KALB) – Last year, on October 6, Griffin’s Antiques and Main Street Market in Bunkie opened.

Co-owner Claire Pilgreen said the market is located in a building that has been a staple of Bunkie’s Main Street for over a century and which has been renovated so that the new business can accommodate local vendors and artisans, as well as serve fresh food at the market’s old-fashioned soda bar.

“We turned it into a place where 70 people can walk in and have their own booth, their own six foot, eight foot, whatever it is from a gift shop, a store that they can have for their own. local art, whatever they make, whatever they love. When they still have a full time job, they can still have their booth here, “said Pilgreen.

Despite facing a pandemic that has hit many local businesses across the country, business at Griffin’s Antiques and Main Street Market is booming.

“Our salespeople do wonders. We have people coming from all over. We went from five days a week to seven days a week, ”said Pilgreen.

The market was even able to expand its food menu.

“We started with one sandwich on our menu and now we have three sandwiches and okra and kidney beans and rice, and we’ve added tables for people to sit down and eat,” Pilgreen said.

A customer, Becky Newtown Descant, said the market was a great addition to Bunkie’s Main Street.

“It’s so nice to see new life on Main Street here, and what I love is that I come every once in a while and things are fresh and changed, things are different, fresh,” Descant said.

Pilgreen told KALB that the market is now exceeding expectations.

“It’s more than a gift shop or an antique store. It’s so much more than we ever thought it would become or become a year ago.

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