Good neighbor, a hidden gem of a cafe

I am a self-proclaimed coffee addict as well as a coffee connoisseur. At this point in my life, only the finest and most refined coffee beans can earn the Eunice Park seal of approval. But that’s not all I’m looking for; Besides the precious, beautiful, delicious, energizing (the list goes on, but I think I should end here so as not to sound too weird) cup of Joe, the coffee itself is just as important to me.

I am not a home worker. I love to sit in cafes, vibrate with the aroma of coffee, and people watch (totally not in a scary way, I promise – more in a mysterious way is definitely better). Recently, it has been difficult for me to find a place other than Starbucks to sit, but a good neighbor caught my eye and I finally got my new target.

The interior and exterior aesthetics as well as the Well the nature of the employees there (literally) instantly made me fall in love, before I could even judge the coffee. It’s sunny all around with large windows, and the interior is bright and comfortable. With light wood furniture and tall plants lined up along the walls, it immediately caught my eye. It was serene, calm and above all comfortable. While the Good Neighbor didn’t particularly strike me as a place where I could be super productive with minimal distractions, he instead revealed to me the calm, peace and joy I would find doing my homework. square.

The good neighbor’s exterior seats do not disappoint, nor do they deviate from the standards already introduced by the interior. Continuing on from the light wood furnishings inside, the earthy aesthetic and abundance of seating really promise a good time. Whether you go there alone, with your friends or on your date, it’s really lovely. The rooftop garden is also a great place for those who love the outdoors and want some pretty pictures for the gram (you already know I took a few of myself)!

Apart from the beautiful view and the innate charm of the café, it is clear that the employees also like to work there, and who doesn’t? It is literally the sun and the smiles all around. Their drinks menu is very varied and the prices of drinks are more generous than those of Starbucks. They also have a lot of choice on their menu and all of the dishes seem to be the perfect light lunch. Although I couldn’t try any food on my first visit, I plan to binge on it soon.

Good Neighbor is also home to an assortment of plants, cooking utensils, housewares, books and other decorative items for sale. I’m only warning you once: you might be tempted on your first visit to empty your wallet, so mentally prepare yourself!

The Good Neighbor is definitely my new go-to cafe, and he has my full support. Now it’s your become a good neighbor and check them out. We’ll see each other there!

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