Fans of Antiques Roadshow are bewildered by the guest’s ‘spooky’ family heirloom tradition

Fans of Antiques Roadshow have been left bemused by a guest’s “spooky” family heirloom tradition.

The Sunday night episode of the BBC series saw a guest approach the table to ask for an appraisal of an antique perfume bottle, which she believed to be inherited from her father’s mother’s family.

The bottle was revealed to have been made in England in the 1830s or 1840s, with its 18k gold stopper.

After being valued up to £ 2,500, the guest explained how his family have already started sorting out the artifacts they will inherit from their parents.

She said: “In our family we have pink and blue dots for everything we are going to inherit from our parents.

Fans of Antiques Roadshow were blown away by a guest’s ‘spooky’ family heirloom tradition.

“The pink dot means girls get it and the blue dot means boys get it.

“This bottle of perfume is going to be a pink dot.”

Although the guest was happy with the outcome of his assessment, Antique Roadshow viewers posting on Twitter described his family’s legacy tradition as “frightening.”

Antiques roadshow
Viewers on Twitter weren’t sure how the pink and blue dot system felt

One of them wrote: “A scary affair in your family’s house placing blue or pink dots on things, sharing your inheritance in the presence of your parents.”

Another commented: “Pink and blue dots?

“She looked very happy too, I’ll think about what I think.”

A third wrote: “Another devil’s child !!”

When evaluating the perfume bottle, the expert said: “What makes it really special to me is that it is still in its retail box from that date of 1840. “

Antiques roadshow
The perfume bottle in question was an old family heirloom

He also informed the guest that the bottle was adorned with turquoise jewelry and opaline glass and that the company responsible for its manufacture was the jewelers of the queen and the royal family.

While the bottle was also in great condition, it lacked a glass stopper.

“It’s a very desirable little object,” the expert concluded.

After hearing his impressive assessment, the guest replied, “I thought [it was worth] £ 50. “

She later confirmed that he would remain with the family.

Antiques Roadshow airs on BBC One and BBC Two

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