Fake antique deal exposes denigration of heritage value: Kerala History Congress

The Kerala History Congress (KHC) said the state’s widely debated fake antiques affair showed the denigration of the heritage value of some heroic and nostalgic stories.

Excessive interest in a glamorous past with valuable crown, gun and sword objectification would lead people to a false awareness of a nostalgic past, he said.

“Fantasy counts in such an accumulation of heritage and not history. The industrial mergers mentioned by higher education policy makers should take into account this type of extremely lucrative collaboration. Students, while taking utilitarian courses like tourism and heritage management, would develop a tendency to invent heritage on the basis of fantasies and nostalgia, ”said Dr Sebastian Joseph, Secretary General of KHC.

Explaining that history, supported by ancillary and auxiliary disciplines, is the only panacea to contain romantic impulses like these, Dr Joseph pointed out that heritage collection and institutionalization through heritage museums have added a fictional dimension to the story.

“All over the world, profit-driven people have come looking for items to sell and display. This leads to the trafficking of objects of cultural heritage and sometimes to the duplication of such objects to satisfy the demands of customers belonging to the upper classes of society, ”he said.

Representatives of KHC said that promoting a critical history that properly teaches heritage from a basic perspective of democratic values, incorporating the heritage of rich and poor, from the earliest days of school is the need of the moment. .

Professor Rajan Gurukkal, President of KHC, said that antiques are a thing of the past. “Those who use them as trinkets are antique dealers. The antique approach is too sentimental to be archaeological. An archaeological object is not legally an object of commerce. There is an abuse of history and archeology, ”he declared.

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