Ellipsanime Productions and TimpelPictures to Present Scary Animated Series “Under the School”

Ellipsanime Productions and TimpelPictures Develop Spooky Animated Series Under the school (26 × 26 ′), an original project by Nicolas Bary. One of the projects presented at Cartoon Forum is the 2D rendered 3D animation series for ages 7 to 12.

Under the School raises the curtain on the hidden side of a unique boarding school, whose teaching methods have made the world’s worst dunces the best students in the world. To do this, St Joseph’s has a secret, under the floors of the school is a system of “reconditioning” to put the children “in the right way”, as effective as it is mysterious. But they did not count on Bug and his little brother Doudou, two new students who will not go there quietly!

“Through their adventures, heroes and heroines must learn to trust each other and to surpass themselves. It’s a series where kids learn to bypass strict school rules to learn in a different way, ”said Arthur Colignon, producer of Ellipsanime Productions.

“The series promotes the right to be different, to show that the academic education system is not for everyone and that there are plenty of ways to be successful in life. This is what particularly attracted us to Nicolas Bary’s project, ”he added.

Nicolas Bary a producer, writer and director is known for his works Problem at Timpetill adapted from the novel by Henry Winterfeld, The scapegoat which is adapted from Daniel Pennac’s bestseller, and Little Spirou, an adaptation of the famous comics by Tome and Janry, published by Dupuis.

“I envisioned the universe of the show over 15 years ago, tapping into my memories as a dunce at the back of the classroom, having lived life in a boarding school,” Bary said.

“Our ambition with the artistic team, Justine Cunha, the graphic author, Cyril Deydier, the co-writer, and Max Maléo, the director, is to immerse children in a retro-modern universe: as realistic as it is spectacular with its decorations. . And at its heart is an investigation that will lead them into the bowels of the school. No superpowers in our history, just the power of the imagination and the individual talents of each, which remains their greatest strength, ”he added.

The series is also adapted as a comic, which will be co-edited by Dupuis and TimpelPictures. There will be three volumes, two of which have been written and are in the drawing stage.

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