Elden Ring Trick allows players to skip chest animations

A clever Elden Ring player discovers a trick that allows players to skip the animation that plays when opening a chest – useful for speedrunning.

Ring of Elden is a hugely popular game that has a myriad of different ways to play and things to do – and one of them is speedrunning. The speedrunning community loves to take a massive game like Ring of Elden it would usually take players dozens of hours to boil down to a game that doesn’t even touch half an hour.

When it comes to speedrunning, the key is for players to research every possible way to skip things, shorten the time it takes to do certain things, and cut corners in every possible way. The current speedrun world record Ring of Elden is amazing and takes place in less than 9 minutes, which is incredibly fast considering the vastness of the world and the number of tasks the player has to complete to complete the game.


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The speedrunning community thanks players like Redditor Luvonir, who discovered a great way to skip the trunk opening animation to shave off a few precious seconds during a run. The clip shows the player jumping onto the chest, then pressing the chest open button just as they exit the chest and run away, causing the animation to skip, but the contents of the chest should still enter the player’s inventory. This way, players can loot chests without having to wait for the long animation to play, saving time.

The speedrunning community is made up of a group of individuals very dedicated to their craft, exemplified by this Cuphead speedrunner who took their laptop on a mountain hike with them and did an 8 hour speedrun on the hike. So when someone finds a tactic or strategy that helps save time and get things done faster in games, the speedrun community is especially excited to try it out and cut their best times. .

Ring of Elden is an expansive game that can take a long time to beat – and as players have discovered, it’s not even possible to complete the game 100% in a single playthrough, as there are multiple endings that all must be reached in order to finally complete the game. Speedrunners are able to manipulate some things and use quick strategies to reduce this time, and this chest animation jump will definitely come in handy for that.

Players like Luvonir and speedrunners can expect to discover many more such strategies to Ring of Elden in order to try to complete the game as quickly as possible.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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