Elden Ring Player spots a unique PvP animation after landing a headshot

An Elden Ring player finds a unique death animation during a PvP match, apparently triggered by using a headshot to interrupt a specific attack.

The animations in Ring of Elden are one aspect that may divide long-time FromSoftware fans, though some do help make combat feel smooth and rewarding. This is mainly due to how many animations are recognizable from previous ones. dark souls titles, but Ring of EldenThe unique animations of can show the effort put into bringing the world and its characters to life.

A player seems to have found one of these unique animations during a PvP match, posting his findings on the Ring of Elden subreddit where other fans quickly started speculating about the cause. Additionally, some fans have also noticed that this unique animation has similarities to that of dark souls 3 which activates under certain conditions.


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Originally posted by Reddit user Nox_Huntress, the short clip shows the end of a PvP match where the host player kills their opponent with a headshot. However, instead of falling backwards like a headshot kill in Ring of Elden would normally leave the player dead, the opponent falls forward and collapses into a ball. At the end of the clip, Nox_Huntress even shows the difference between this unique animation and the usual death during a bow and arrow fight in Ring of Elden.

It seems the cause of this unique animation may be that the opponent was jumping when the arrow landed in the head, even though the jump is hard to notice in the clip. Some fans have also noticed that this animation may have appeared in previous FromSoftware titles as well, including dark souls 3 among others. As well as the cause of the animation being Ring of Eldenthe jump mechanic, the dark souls 3 The version activates when it dies from a short fall or is killed by a low balance mid-air attack. Either way, the uniqueness of the animation is seen more as an insult than a reward by fans.

The fact that players are still finding new things in Ring of Elden after all this time, it’s impressive, especially considering how many players continue to hunt in accessible areas, remote facilities, and the game’s code. These types of rare situations where players naturally encounter unique animations can almost seem like a level of detail that FromSoftware might not have needed. However, it is exactly this level of detail that still has Ring of Elden players find new paths through the game as they continue to dive into the game’s many nooks and crannies.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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