Durham Elementary School wins $ 5,000 to create animation studio

A school in Durham was awarded $ 5,000 to build a new animation studio.

Saint-Léo Catholic School in Brooklin is one of six Ontario schools to receive a $ 5,000 award from the Ontario Teachers’ Insurance Plan.

Grade 8 teacher Manfred Von Vulte says animation creates ‘very powerful learning’ opportunities – especially during the pandemic, when field trips and other hands-on learning may be limited.

“Nothing beats learning in person, but animation could possibly be the key to filling that experience,” he says.

This year, his class used animation software to create their own avatars, create a digital recreation of Brooklin’s early days, and build an e-commerce website to sell student artwork with the proceeds going to the Rose of. Durham.

“It was fun, it’s something really unique and really interesting,” says student Nolan O’Donnell.

“It brought everyone together,” adds student Lauren Lyons.

Animation is also used in the school’s comic book club, which aims to inspire reluctant readers and writers.

St. Leo principal David Malleau says animation is accessible and accessible to students because it has some crossover with video games.

“You create multiple entry points for students of different levels. It doesn’t matter if you are an A student or a D student, you all play video games. There is a leveling of the rules of the game happening. ”

This year, Van Vulte’s class had to share a computer with animation software. The prize money will allow the school to purchase licenses and make the software available on multiple computers, allowing more students to learn animation skills.

Directory OTIP Sponsorship Program allocates money to support school projects. Other winning projects this year included a collaborative space for art creators at Gray Highlands High School in Flesherton and kindergarten music equipment at Maple Grove PS in Barrie.



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