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A new business is in downtown Branson that can satisfy all of your antique cravings.

Vintage Vault & Mercantile, located at 204 Veterans Blvd., has “a wide variety of everything.”

What started as a collection has become the start of so much more.

“Really the way Vintage Vault was born is that I am an avid collector. I have been an antique collector for most of my life, ”said owner Susan Halfacre Bramsch. “All of my immediate family are now deceased and I have inherited all of their antique collections. The catapult for starting the store is my son, about a year ago he said, ‘Mom, no fault, but I don’t want your stuff. I don’t want your antiques. It’s a new generation, some people don’t care (antique collections), and my son was one of them. He lived a very simple life and had no desire to inherit my antiques.

“My friend Tammy and I did a lot of shopping, our houses were filling up and we were like, ‘Okay, what do we do with all this?’ She has two children. I had my son who passed away, and we were like, “No one wants our stuff.” My son Jonathon was kind of the catapult to get it all started.

Vintage Vault & Mercantile isn’t all about antiques. They also have new things, so there is something for everyone. Their mantra is to “recover, restore, reuse”.

“Because we are also a home decoration store, we have a lot of new products. We try to provide a wide variety of things that might interest you as a buyer, ”said Bramsch. “We have noticed that being in this place there is a lot of tourism going around downtown, so we feel like it gives them one more place where they can find unique items to take away. at their home.

“The reason we added the word ‘mercantile’ is that the word mercantile, # 1 is an old word, but it also means ‘general commodity’, because I don’t want people to be misled by the fact that we’re all vintage with the name Vintage Vault. We have a lot of new stuff and a lot of stuff that looks old like some of our candles, some of our sodas and some of our hand lotions and soaps etc. They look vintage but they are new products.

The store is now officially open. Their opening hours are Wednesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. They are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

“We want to deliver a unique product that is not easily found because we dig deep and wide, as they say,” Bramsch said. “We travel a great distance to find unique items and bring them back to Branson so that we can provide a unique product for tourism.”

Vintage Vault also wanted to give some local artists a place to showcase their work for everyone to enjoy.

“I started talking to my friends who are very creative and they didn’t have an outlet (to showcase and sell their work) except Itsy or Ebay and they have to pay the postage. So they just wanted a small place to be able to display their artwork, ”said Bramsch. “We have very talented people.

“It’s just as important to us that we have local artists who always create a product that you can’t buy in a store, from a retail perspective. And you can count on coming here and buying from a local artist, this # 1, he provides a livelihood for their families as well as it gives them a chance to show their talent. These two things are important to us.

In addition to showcasing everyday artwork, Vintage Vault is happy to have been able to help preserve some of the downtown history.

“It was important for us to restore the building, bring it back to its greatness and make it even better if we could. We think we did. It really is a beautiful piece of architectural art, ”said Bramsch. “It really is a work of art. Art is very important to our lifestyle; there is a time when we don’t do art everywhere. When you take away such beautiful architectural art, it is a disservice to the building. And this building served many important purposes.

“It also gives us a place to have another great shop and attraction in downtown Branson, because it’s really important to us. To keep and continue to contribute so that downtown Branson continues to thrive.

However, that’s not all there is to know about Vintage Vault.

“This building was originally made up of two buildings joined together and in recent years it has kind of evolved into one company,” said Bramsch. “My entrepreneur, Semper Fi, his name is Brian Johnson. His group again separated these two buildings. The left side will be the Vintage Vault and the right side will be my real estate office; I am a full time real estate agent. We will hopefully start construction on this in a few weeks. “

Visit “Vintage Vault & Mercantile” on Facebook to stay up to date.

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