Doratoon expands its activities in the production of videos with its personalized service

Making animated videos has extended its approach to several use cases. And Doratoon has billed itself as the future of animation software, bringing a lot of possibilities to users in 2022.

Animation is without a doubt the future of marketing techniques. Laipic Technology Co., Ltd. came up with the idea of ​​introducing state-of-the-art animation software, now coming up with the concept of Doratoon in 2015. Company CEO Bruce Wei believes Doratoon is the “breakthrough” in creators animation videos online.

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Doratoon is one of the projects where the company is committed to enhancing user experience and providing colorful experience by creating free animated videos for different purposes. While making itself versatile in the consumer market, Doratoon has found a very diverse user base in its growth. It didn’t take long for consumers to realize the personal and business uses associated with animation software.

Doratoon has succeeded in making the video animation software easy to use. With its independently developed AI drawing tool, you can develop custom animations in the animation software. Many features make it a special tool for creating animations. It helps users import PPTs, save them and edit them using different tools, allowing people with different uses to consider opting for Doratoon.

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Since its founding in 2015, it has been relatively consistent in its overall development. The tool focused on improving its base and structure. Doratoon has made considerable improvements and developments in other departments. Doratoon has built a team of young, energetic and enthusiastic people. A team of 300 enthusiastic people is at the origin of the project and continues to develop the software.

Doratoon promises greatness to its users, making it a great choice for users to try in 2022. The vision and mission outlined by the company is elegant and promising for its users. Doratoon and Laipic Technologies have actively participated in digital projects and presented the world with many possibilities in the field of animation video making. This has helped the company win several emerging business awards globally.

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