Did I Err Productions acquires “Groo the Wanderer” from Sergio Aragonés

Award-winning cartoonist Sergio Aragonés has sold the animated film and television rights of his comic book character “Groo the Wanderer” to Josh Jones, who plans to produce animated entertainment based on intellectual property through his Am I wrong? business. The production company will partner with creative talents on packaged projects for streaming services and global distribution.

Now in its 40th year of publication, “Groo the Wanderer” is a long-standing, independent, “creator-owned” comic book property. Imagined by Aragonés, who creates the stories with Mark Evanier, the Eisner Prize winning comic has been published by Dark Horse Comics since 1998. Evanier has written comics for the characters of The Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios and Hanna-Barbera. His credits include animated series such as the Scooby doo franchise; Superman: The Animated Series, Thundarr the Barbarian, Dungeons & Dragons, Garfield and his friends, and Garfield’s show.

Jones and his partner Did I Err Scott Nocas will be the executive producers of the film and / or series with Aragonés and Evanier.

“After drawing and living with Groo for so many years, so many comics, so many pages, you can imagine that I have drawn Groo in every position imaginable,” Aragonés explained. “Mark and I have wondered several times what he – Groo, not Mark – would look animated with.” We studied what we saw on screen by different animators and laughed a lot. Now I know we are headed in the right direction and I can assure the fans that they will love Groo like Mark and I.

“I have loved ‘Groo the Wanderer’ since I was eight, and having the honor of bringing the character to life on screen is, literally, a lifelong dream come true,” said Jones. “The style of Sergio, the characters, the universe and especially the humor have always seduced me. I just want to help bring what I have loved for so long to the next generation!

“Groo the Wanderer” follows the exploits of a barbarian warrior who is invincible in battle but negotiates his days with an IQ three points lower than that of a boulder. Along with his loyal canine companion Rufferto, he wanders an ancient land of mystery, magic and chaos, looking for a warm place to sleep, a few coins, or a taste of cheese dip.

For more information visit groo.com.

Source: Did I Make a mistake Productions

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